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Terri Schiavo Dies

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Terri Schiavo has died.

The controversy over her death will no doubt live on.

May she rest in peace.

5 Responses to “Terri Schiavo Dies”

  1. Was Her Last Thought “I Thirst”?
    What have we done, or more precisely, what have we let happen?

    Sierra Faith (50ee99)

  2. A thoughtful and balanced article by Mort Kondrake from his personal experience in the death of his wife involving similar considerations.

    Harry Arthur (b318a5)

  3. Schindler’s List
    By now you are aware that Terri Schiavo has succumbed to her death sentence. The last seconds of the clock were ticking off when the Schindler’s final appeal was denied. The family gathered in Terri’s room to spend the last precious moments with …

    BIG DOG's WEBLOG (ce71de)

  4. Terri has passed
    I just heard on the radio that Terri has died. Pray for the family.

    Speed of Thought (59ce3a)

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