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Schiavo FAQ

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John Hawkins has a well-researched and balanced set of FAQ on the Schiavo case.

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  1. yeah. it was excellent.

    really convinced me what the CRUX of the controversy really is:

    Contrary to what many would have you believe – (especially those who deride Schindler supporters as right-wing theocratic wackos) – the Schiavo controversy is NOT between right-to-die people and the right-to-life crowd.

    This case is about whether the court correctly determined what Terri’s wishes were.

    Contrary to what paranoid Leftists and nervous centrists would have you believe, there is NO MOVEMENT among ANY RIGHT-TO-LIFERS to ban DNR’s or Living WIlls; IN FACT, George W. Bush and Laura, and their parents have them and urge ALL AMERICANS to get them! Virtually the entire “religious right” – including the RC Church, evangelicals, orthodox Jews, and Jesse Jackson (Heh) – accepts that individuals have the right to refuse medical treatment when confronted with terminal illnesses.

    The Schiavo controversy is based on the fact that: (a) she is NOT terminal; and (b) her wishes are patently obscure.

    I have concluded that Greer erred in ruling that Terri would have wanted to be starved to death rather than live, and that therefore the feeding-tube should have stayed in. And it saddens me that the federal courts have – up to now – thumbed their noses at any and all attempts to re-open the case so that this critical determination could be properly re-examined, and justice be done. In the absence of proof positive, I think the court must NOT act, or condone any act which will cause Terri to die.

    reliapundit (7a5d49)

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