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LAPD Shoots Man Armed with Nothing But a 2000-Pound Car

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A headline in today’s L.A. Times reads: Police Shoot Unarmed Suspect. It’s another shooting of a guy who backed towards police in a car. So now we’ll have to hear about that issue again.

One lucky thing: the suspect apparently wasn’t black. Preliminary indications are that this suspect was Hispanic:

Jose de Leon, who lives down the block from Carter, said the sounds of four or five shots awakened him. Then he heard a voice from a helicopter loudspeaker.

“I heard a man’s voice saying in Spanish, ‘Get down with your hands on your head. Get out of the car,’ ” he said.

The guy LAPD killed in Santa Monica under similar circumstances, Nicholas Hans Killinger, was white. We never heard anything about his race; it was never offered as a reason officers shot him. In fact, you probably didn’t even know his name.

Devin Brown was black — and that’s all we heard about.

The fact that this suspect was apparently Hispanic means we’ll probably get some focus on his ethnicity. But — unlike the L.A. Times‘s treatment of the Devin Brown case — we probably won’t have story after story pounding the “racism” issue into our skulls over this incident.

Thank goodness for small favors, eh?

2 Responses to “LAPD Shoots Man Armed with Nothing But a 2000-Pound Car”

  1. Did the police warn him in Spanish? No.

    Did they notify the Mexican Consulate as he backed toward them? No.

    Where is the justice in America?

    Ken (589fde)

  2. Some of the reporting is telling;

    “after the boy allegedly backed up toward the police cruiser.”

    Even with photographs showing the damaged side of the cop care where he hit it it’s only alleged he backed up towards them?

    “Brown slaying ” slaying seems harsh for someone that backs a car into police officers.

    Nate Ogden (1b8ac9)

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