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Happy 80th Birthday to My Dad

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Happy birthday, Dad. I love you.

6 Responses to “Happy 80th Birthday to My Dad”

  1. Hope he knows the City of Chicago is celebrating the day by dying the river green to show how young he is!

    Ruth (b1c278)

  2. longtime patterico gnome, first time poster:

    my pop died when i was only 14 so i missed out on the growing up and becoming friends with my dad, who i still miss a lot tho i am almost 40.

    for all you folks who’s dads are still around, do a favor for those of us who lost our dads too early and be good to them and luv them and be a friend to them, coz you never know.

    cali white bear (500ab8)

  3. Happy Birthday to Patterico’s dad!

    But if he’s 80… how old is Patterico?

    Leigh (6ad34a)

  4. As the TV program used to say, “Life begins at eighty.” Congrats, Pops! 🙂

    Sissy Willis (f94e37)

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