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Estrich-Kinsley Kerfuffle Hits Pages of L.A. Times

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Susan Estrich may not be on the pages of the L.A. Times, but the story of her controversial e-mail fight with Michael Kinsley is.

3 Responses to “Estrich-Kinsley Kerfuffle Hits Pages of L.A. Times

  1. Why, of course.

    Kinsley has the L.A. Times and Estrich has a website.

    Guess who wins?

    Flap (6c75cb)

  2. Speaking of bias, how long did the Times spend digging for the most hideous picture of Estrich they could possibly find? Why not just use a publicity shot, like the one they used for Kinsley?

    Sean P (ad1120)

  3. I view the Susan Estrich and Micheal Kinsley kerfuffle and nothing more than another food fight among liberals. It is only good for amusement.

    David L (b55a11)

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