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Bloggers Access the Wire: AP Puts Up RSS Feeds

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Pretty cool. You can access them here. (Via BuzzMachine.)

3 Responses to “Bloggers Access the Wire: AP Puts Up RSS Feeds”

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    |By SayUncle|

    Patterico notes you can access RSS feeds of AP wires. Good for blogg […]

    SayUncle : Cool (c5d5ae)

  2. Associated Press offers RSS feeds
    The AP is offering a dozen standard feeds, plus a special topic feed. You can find all the links here. Jeff Jarvis notes that this is a bigger story than it might appear:This is good news for RSS. But it's also damned interesting news for the news…

    No Illusions (1f81d4)

  3. […] I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it looks like this “gift” came from the horse’s other end. ___Hat tip: Patterico’s Pontifications. […]

    AP on RSS? Nice Try… – blogan (c80ceb)

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