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Hewitt and Eastman Fail to Confront Chemerinsky

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Juan Non-Volokh notes that Erwin Chemerinsky was given a pass the other day on his hypocrisy on filibusters.

This marks the second such time in recent days. The other day, I heard Prof. Chemerinsky on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show making the same exact hypocritical remarks. Even though I e-mailed Hewitt and Prof. Eastman (who regularly appears with Chemerinsky on Hewitt’s show) several weeks ago to ask them to confront Chemerinsky on this issue, they both dropped the ball the other day.

So if you drove by me while I was on the freeway, and saw me yelling at my radio, that’s why.

One Response to “Hewitt and Eastman Fail to Confront Chemerinsky”

  1. I also emailed Hugh and wondered about not ‘calling’ Chemerinsky on this, especially because hugh almost always asks both of his Smart Guys to comment on filibustering. very curious that Hugh does not push this issue, perhaps he is afraid to lose a commentator? I hope that you will continue to push this issue.

    Jerry Rust (d6a917)

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