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to clear things up

Filed under: 2004 Election — Charlie (Colorado) @ 3:43 pm

Before I go, I’d like to respond to the charges that, to quote one commenter, “Mr. Sturm now desperately hopes against hope that Bush loses, so Sturm won’t look the fool”

Au contraire…

Welcome back and goodbye

Filed under: Media Bias — Charlie (Colorado) @ 9:31 am

Welcome back Patterico, it’s been fun playing here while you were gone.

For my final post, I give you Donald Luskin taking some well placed shots at Daniel Okrent, the Public Editor over at the NYT.

Me, I take the position that Luskin misses the big picture – there’s no way the Times could ever have their Public Editor do what they claim he’s there to do. To the extent you’re interested in this, here’s more.

Thanks again for reading and remember, when Bush ends up losing, I’ll be thinking “I told you so”. If I were feeling petty and small, that is…

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