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Proof Bush is toast

Filed under: 2004 Election — Charlie (Colorado) @ 10:59 am has their predictions up for how the race turns out…. Kerry 538 Electoral Votes, Bush 0.

I know, I know there’s likely to be a glitsch in their programming… I doubt that Texas is going to go 98%-2% for Kerry. But signs like this only serve to feed the paranoia…

Of course, this link and message only works until it doesn’t…

8 Responses to “Proof Bush is toast”

  1. Perhaps a sign on each of your posts:
    “Please don’t feed the paranoia.”

    The “real” numbers:

    arb (648859)

  2. At least this post had some substance, even if wild-eyed and uninformed, instead of just a troll for click thrus.

    Gedanken (dfd2e7)

  3. the XML file has the title Thursday Oct 7: Kerry 253, Bush 264

    docweasel (75d58c)

  4. I’m not sure what links you all are referring to: the link I put up refers to their supposed final outcome which shows Kerry with 538 and Bush with 0. Of course, this is a glitsch in their software, they still have Texas, for example, colored red.

    steve (e37e4c)

  5. Duh

    That is just a link to a html file.
    The actual site link does not have the /fin/oct07p.html…ha,ha,ha,

    Bill (65ad22)

  6. It was pretty widely reported earlier that was hacked.

    carsonfire (c97843)

  7. Wait a minute! Is there something going on we should know about? We just briefed a bunch of French journalists and handed out the 538-0 map to them. They were VERY happy. Do we need to call them back?

    Diplomad (f4574f)

  8. Check the “previous poll” on Oct 6
    Daddy Likes!

    HarryOh (c1edfb)

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