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TTFN and a bleg

Filed under: 2004 Election — Charlie (Colorado) @ 6:03 pm

I’m off for an extended weekend trip and I don’t know if I’ll be able to post while I’m away (if you want to know, I’m off on a cruise, and I don’t know if I’m going to want to pay the big bucks they charge for Internet access). So this may be it for me… perhaps by the time I come back late Monday, Patterico will be back and have pulled my access. So I’d like to say goodbye, I’ve enjoyed posting in his absence. I hope it hasn’t been too bad for you, his regular readers. And I wouldn’t mind if some of you might even stop by my blog after he returns.

I would like to make a parting request: since I don’t think I’ll be watching tomorrow night’s debate, but would very much like to get the wrap-ups, would some of you be kind enough to post your comments and impressions on this post as a comment? They’ll get through to me as email, which I am pretty sure I am set up to get.

And, in one final cheap attempt to boost the hometown traffic, I offer up proof of my hypothesis that, while Kerry claims that he would use pre-emptive military force, the record shows that he would not…. at, where else, but thoughtsonline

Thanks again.

Proof Bush is toast

Filed under: 2004 Election — Charlie (Colorado) @ 10:59 am has their predictions up for how the race turns out…. Kerry 538 Electoral Votes, Bush 0.

I know, I know there’s likely to be a glitsch in their programming… I doubt that Texas is going to go 98%-2% for Kerry. But signs like this only serve to feed the paranoia…

LAT on Duelfer Report

Filed under: Dog Trainer — Charlie (Colorado) @ 10:51 am

Captain Ed has an interesting perspective on the LA Times coverage of Duelfer’s report.

NYT Bias?

Filed under: Media Bias — Charlie (Colorado) @ 10:47 am

Tom Maguire has this on the oh-so-evenhanded NYT coverage of the stem cell debate.

CNN anchor not allowed to touch Rush

Filed under: Media Bias — Charlie (Colorado) @ 9:22 am

In today’s Washington Post, its gossip columnist, Richard Leiby has a piece on Daryn Kagan, CNN’s midmorning anchor , who reportedly has a relationship with Rush Limbaugh and who isn’t allowed to “touch news regarding her sweetie pie”.

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