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Tracking Down O’Keefe’s Quote to Abcarian

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Rainey named Robin Abcarian as the reporter to whom O’Keefe had allegedly given the above quote. It took some doing, but I have now obtained the actual quote from Abcarian.

The quote from Abcarian’s notes is what Abcarian claims is the original quote from O’Keefe. Abcarian e-mailed me this quote on December 28. Keep in mind that these are Abcarian’s notes from a phone interview, and so they may not be completely verbatim. However, this is the source material for Rainey’s alleged quote in which, Rainey claimed, O’Keefe supposedly said he “follows the mold of filmmaker Michael Moore, using confrontation to get at his version of the truth.”

O’Keefe confirmed that the quote is mostly accurate, although he doesn’t remember using the word “agenda.”

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