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This Link Was in the Original Post

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It is not an update or a correction. I am making a point here.

Which is: actually, the Ken Layne post isn’t corrected, in any honest manner . . . but it does provide its readers with a way to get to the truth. Namely, Layne adds a snarky update that probably misleads 99.9% of the brain-dead Wonkette readers:

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann actually said she “hates white people” because they’re “subhuman.” YouTube regrets the error.

If you click the link (which 99.9% of the brain-dead Wonkette readers won’t do) you get a Gawker post (from one Internet sewer to the next) that explains the video’s subtitle is a hoax.

I guess Layne considers that a funny way to do a correction, or something. But there is nothing honest about it.

So I have chosen to bury the evidence of his non-correction in much the same manner as he buried it himself.

With one major difference: the language of my post was accurate.

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