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First watch this video starting at 7:45. where Neil Cavuto asks Miller if he would support Palin for president.

Miller says that “we have had a number of people that have introduced their names as potential candidates in 2012. Certainly Palin is on the top of that ticket.” But when Cavuto asks him if there was a quid pro quo — Miller endorses her for President in return for her endorsement of him — Miller says:

There’s never been a conversation like that, ever. . . . I absolutely think that Governor Palin is a phenomenal asset to this country. She’s done extraordinary things for this country. She’s doing extraordinary things right now. She’s raising the level of dialogue so that this nation addresses the problems that are happening at the central level. But I don’t make deals, OK?

Seems fair enough. Now enjoy this e-mail, which The Huffington Post obtained sometime after it was forwarded by Miller to some of his confidants:

Did Todd Palin completely misconstrue Joe Miller’s words? You betcha!!! [UPDATE 8:48 p.m.: Bad blogger! Read first, post second! Allahpundit has a video that shows Todd Palin only partially misconstrued Miller’s words, as he was referencing a Chris Wallace interview and not the Cavuto interview embedded by the anti-Palin blogger at HuffPo. Miller’s answer was not as claimed by Palin, but it still seems to me like Palin flew off the handle.]

P.S. She’s running, isn’t she?

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