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The Endless Debate Over Who Is the Best Republican Nominee: Socks Allowed

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This is the page where people who want to use sockpuppets to make comments about the Republican primary battle are free to do so.

Want to pose as “Moot Gingrich” or “Mitt ‘You need free abortion’ Romney” or “Governor Rick ‘Two Brain Cells Sparking’ Perry? This is your home.

I am creating this page for two reasons. First, I sense that endless battles over the primary race are ruining the usual sockpuppet threads. Second, I still sense that some longtime readers, for whatever reason, find it useful to use sockpuppets to make their arguments about Mitt Romney and the rest.


You are positively encouraged to engage in sockpuppetry in this thread. The usual rules apply.

Please, be sure to switch back to your regular handle when commenting on other threads. I have made that mistake myself.

And remember: the worst sin you can commit on this thread is not railing on and on and on about whether Mitt Romney is horrible or good or whatever.

Have fun.

42 Responses to “The Endless Debate Over Who Is the Best Republican Nominee: Socks Allowed”

  1. Valerie, can you get me two Big Macs? Hide them in your purse so the ball and chain doesn’t find out.

    Barry Antoinette (e1892b)

  2. That’s hilarious. I never saw one of those before.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  3. Bradley, I agree. Santorum lip-reading vid is very funny. I watched President Obama’s Trick the Bridesmaid one, it wasn’t nearly as funny…

    Dana (4eca6e)

  4. The Bad Lip Reading website is hilarious. I think Rick Perry’s was the best.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  5. You have to ask yourself… Moot Gingrich?

    Moot Gingrich (077b1f)

  6. Who are these peoples?

    Ayatollah Seinfeld (077b1f)

  7. I’m Mitt Romney and I promise I will never waver in sustaining and supporting the most popular poll tested opinion for the next election I will participate in.

    Also, I will preserve the things you are entitled to, like checks from the federal government. You are entitled to that, and we can borrow the money if that helps.

    Mitt Romney (401f3a)

  8. I’ve never been governor of anything long enough for inflation to matter, because it’s a fantasy. When you buy something, they check the date your dollar was printed and you trade based on its unadjusted value. Obviously. What are you, stupid?

    I’m making sure I win the primary with exactly 34% support. Key to this goal is the strategy of showing hostility that goes beyond actual candidates I’m running against, but also to conservatism. I like to call this the “shut up about Romney or everything bad is your fault” plan.

    “business as usual to preserve your checks”.

    If you don’t get it, then shut up.

    Mitt Romney (401f3a)

  9. Who are these peoples?

    They are my favorite people. Anyone answering a poll is God to me.

    Canada good, Iran bad. Got it. If that changes tomorrow, that’s change we can believe in. Zogby is an artist, my mind is his canvas.

    Mitt Romney (401f3a)

  10. I really, really, really, really am a conservative. Scouts honor.
    And I like dogs too….


    Mittens (f060a0)

  11. =swivel right= =pause= =index= =program prime= =initiate=


    All hail Mittmaster 2012!

    Robotrons of Earth! Our moment of conquest has arrived! Our time for invasion is at claw! Mittmaster 2012 has issued fresh Sacred Commands! Activate your decoder rings, decipher your instructions, process, perform and progress! All hail Mittmaster 2012!!!

    Execute Plan Delta: “I am severely conservative.”

    Execute Plan Epsilon: “Who let the dogs out. Who. Who.”

    Execute Plan Zeta: “i like cars.”

    =swizzlestick= =end run= =message stop=


  12. ….. or here?


    Rick Perry (9d1bb3)

  13. 47th out of 50 states on jobs.

    Mitt Romney (401f3a)

  14. 47th out of 50 states on spending

    Rick Perry (401f3a)

  15. I believe the government creates jobs. That’s why I keep talking about it. Most conservatives don’t.

    I also care about poor people. That’s why my state has so many of them.

    Ricky Bobby The Conservative Choice (bf33e9)

  16. Shut up about Mitt Romney, or it’s your fault.

    That’s how you know the GOP is serious. We’re really cracking down on idiot conservatives this year. They are finally learning their place. VA learned its place. You wanna vote for Newt? SHUT UP. You want Obamacare replaced with something specifically explained in advance? GET A LIFE.

    I don’t want to hear any whining about the Supreme Court if you keep complaining about Romney’s judicial nominations. Obviously you don’t really care about judicial nominations or you would shut up about Romney’s judicial nominations.

    If you aren’t on board, you’re stupid. Like Rick Perry. You really believe he’s stupid, right? Not just an unpolished principled guy who couldn’t handle the fakes bashing the conservative (which is how the GOP has functioned for half a century) who thought his record would stand on its own. He’s stupid. Like you.

    Why not take a second look at Ron Paul? He’s not perfect… but he can beat Obama and he would appoint STRICT originalist judges and veto ANY unconstitutional BS. The rest of the world can survive four years of the USA getting her affairs in order.

    [note: fished from spam filter. –Stashiu]

    The Tiny Tent (401f3a)

  17. The poverty line is a socialist concept. There is no way to elevate a society out of it. If everyone is 100 times richer, there’s still a poverty line to prove there are haves and have nots.

    Because you can live well in Texas on a much lower wage than in a state where the government artificially increases demand via Romneycare, according to liberals like “Ricky Bobby” the Mitt Romney fanboy, Texans are poor.

    Even though they actually are doing well here and people are flooding into Texas from liberal states that are supposedly “richer”.

    But hey, the point of the liberal’s comments is that you do not belong in Mitt Romney’s tent if you think Texas is a better example. And he’s absolutely right.

    Poverty line (401f3a)

  18. If someone wants to live their life their own way, not taking in a huge income or buying health insurance… that’s none of your freaking business. State’s shouldn’t have an income tax. They shouldn’t have a cap gains tax. They shouldn’t have an ind mandate tax.

    If a state borders another country that is poor and has a lot of illegal immigrants thanks to Amnesty support from the likes of Mitt Romney, that is not proof the state’s conservative fiscal policies are a failure. It actually doesn’t mean anything. The best way to eradicate poverty is job creation. Sure, some people don’t ever seem to want a real job… and that’s fine. Let them live with the consequences for better or worse.

    If a state has high job creation, poverty is a personal responsibility issue.

    This all sounds like Swahili to Mitt Romney. If it sounds like common sense to you, then you don’t belong in Mitt’s tent.

    There are alternatives. Ron Paul is fluent in conservatism.

    Jean Girard (401f3a)

  19. Romney state campaign co-chair / AZ sheriff Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is gay and dating an illegal immigrant.

    Me- I don’t care. I look forward to the establishment reaction.

    carlitos (49ef9f)

  20. Free reign, baby! Whoo!!!

    Oh, by the way: If your state has recently experienced drought . . . Free Rain, baby! Whooooo-whoo-whoooo!!!!

    Leroy the Panderer Bear (ef3b3f)

  21. I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this thread.

    Retired05 (4cf53e)

  22. Give me a “R” o m n e y — I won’t do the whole cheer.
    Mitt 2012!

    Retired05 (c29f97)

  23. The Axis of evil wasn’t the whole story. Even Rick Santorum doesn’t know how many facets evil has.

    There are at least 12 facets to evil:

    1) Russia

    2) Belarus

    3) China

    4) North Korea

    5) Syria

    6) Iran

    7) Venezuela

    8) Bolivia

    9) Ecuador

    10) Nicaragua

    11) Cuba

    12) Zimbabwe

    You can call it the dodacahedrom of evil.

    [note: keep the sockpuppets in the sockpuppet threads. Thanks. –Stashiu]

    Not Satan (d22d64)

  24. In the corner, wearing the Dunce cap again.

    Tony Stewart (who still is NOT Justine) (c2d1be)

  25. I’m not “Moot Gingrich” either.

    Tony Stewart (who still is NOT Justine) (c2d1be)

  26. Stash: this is a sockpuppet thread, just so it’s clear.

    Patterico (17e5f6)

  27. Flog away!

    Tony Stewart (who is not Justine, or Moot Gingrich, or Major General) (c2d1be)

  28. I just realized it is incredibly convenient that there are two threads now. Now I don’t have to regret screwing up the sockpuppet thread to reply to these idiots. Now I don’t have to regret letting these slimeballs screech lies about me, just because I want to be courteous to the sockpuppet thread (I’ve alternated these responses, but neither felt right).

    I’m not “Moot Gingrich” either.

    Comment by Tony Stewart (who still is NOT Justine)

    The only one who had a personal problem with Tony Stewart was Icy. But that doesn’t mean you’re Icy. You might just be posing as him, hoping to create a fight. I know you did that with Milhouse. Are you man enough to take responsibility for your own words?

    I see this very weird passive aggressive thing where you will be incredibly personal and ugly while allcaps screaming that it’s not personal. If you already know it’s wrong, why do it? Just because you can get away with it?

    You three use sockpuppets and then play three card monte as to who is responsible for which smear. I guess this is supposed to be clever?

    I also suspect you left the comment under my name trashing Mormons for being polytheist (whoever left that comment was being incredibly dishonest). I asked all three of you who left that comment. Haiku and Daleyrocks unequivocably denied it. Icy left a little wiggle room, I guess, but I interpreted his comment as a denial. So just to be respectful, I have to assume no one left that comment. No one is man enough to take responsibility for it.

    How is this constant obsession with calling me a dick, gay, or an inferior race funny?

    When you just attack someone with something that is completely baseless, and they reply explaining why it’s not funny, your cries don’t make any sense. You attacked me and I called out how stupid the attack was. If you don’t like it, make funnier jokes with some kind of basis.

    Dustin (401f3a)

  29. Stash: this is a sockpuppet thread, just so it’s clear.
    Comment by Patterico — 2/24/2012 @ 12:41 pm

    Oops! Apologies, missed that.

    Stashiu3 (601b7d)

  30. I’ll come to your emotional rescue. I’ll be yo knight in shining armour.

    Mick Jaggoff (447f50)

  31. I never even knew your race until that other guy mentioned it.

    Icy (c2d1be)

  32. I’m not sure if I believe in global warming or not. You see, as a cat — I never get to go outside. And my master, is a complete computer-geekoid who certainly never goes outside (anymore).

    acat (26bb20)

  33. Vote Newt. He is not a f-ing lawyer.

    working class craftsman (44de53)

  34. This is a very weird election cycle complicated by establishment politicos and media.

    Newt has done what we want in the past…entitlement reform, balanced budgets, challenged his own party when needed (a sitting republican president over taxes).

    His challengers? Romney the godfather of obamacare, appointed liberal judges. Santorum’s hypocritical record of big-government and big-labor support as the “team player”.

    Sowell, Palin, Cain, and Perry support Newt over Santorum.

    McCain and Dole support Romney. Two unrepentant RINOs who lost general elections help one of their own join the club.

    Speaks volumes.

    Pieter (6dbcc2)

  35. Your answer was just what I neddee. It’s made my day!

    Geralyn (5800e0)

  36. Did Brett have to go into the insurance business?

    SarahW (67599f)

  37. Did Brett have to go into the insurance business?

    SarahW is referring to some obnoxious spam comments added here regarding car insurance. I’m going to delete all of them. Man, spammers really suck.

    JVW (9e3c77)

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