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Joe Biden: The, Uh, Constitutional Candidate

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Every time I wonder whether I could vote for Joe Biden, I remember how he behaved as the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the hearings of good men like Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that.

But I have nevertheless come to the conclusion that the hair-sniffing old coot is the guy Republicans should hope becomes the Democratic nominee. For one thing, although I think Trump is likely to be re-elected, people have to realize that whoever the Democratic nominee is might win. And Biden is super old, so if he wins, there’s no way he serves a second term.

The other thing is: he’s not as crazy as the rest of them. I’ll give the mic to Matt Welch:

Let us not now pretend that Joe Biden brought anything like coherence to Thursday night’s Democratic presidential debate in Houston.

At some point near the exhausted end of the nearly three-hour affair, the 76-year-old former vice president blurted out within the space of a few seconds the sentences “Make sure that kids hear words,” and “I know Maduro.” Confronted with the Obama administration’s unlovely record on deportation, he just lied about it: “We didn’t lock people up in cages. We didn’t separate families.” And at the close of one particularly free-associative word salad that hopped from the Afghanistan surge to Pakistani bases to weapons inspectors to the authorization for the use of force in Iraq, the perennial presidential contender simply concluded, “I said something that was not meant the way I said it.” We feel you, Joe.

Yet the Democratic front-runner also played a starring role in what was arguably the most clarifying exchange of the night. Moderator David Muir, addressing the cavalier gun-grabber Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.), asked her to address Biden’s recent assertion that “There’s no constitutional authority to issue that executive order when they say ‘I’m going to eliminate assault weapons,'” because, “you can’t do it by executive order any more than Trump can do things when he says he can do it by executive order.”

“Well, I mean,” Harris began, failing to suppress a smug laugh, “I would just say, ‘Hey, Joe, instead of saying no we can’t, let’s say yes we can!”

As the crowd hooted and applauded, Delaware’s favorite son attempted to interject: “Let’s be constitutional! We’ve got a Constitution.” Ha ha, what?

I too found that very striking. Not that Pappy Joe’s record is one of fealty to the Constitution. But the fact that someone is actually bothering to mouth the words, rather than ignore them in a blatant demagogic pander the way the loathsome Harris did last night, is important. I actually think Joe is less likely to simply pen something to grab your guns in a ridiculously unconstitutional matter. And that means something.

Joe Biden is truly the only candidate who doesn’t spend all his time in a debate pandering to the crowd. I find myself warming to the plagiarizing oatmeal-brained old guy.

But then there is his incoherence. My God, the incoherence. Americans simply aren’t going to vote for an old white guy who reminds them on a daily basis that his mind is mush.


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  1. I disagree about Biden, I think he’s dangerous.

    1. He’s dangerous because he might not last a year, let alone a full term. We’re voting for his VP, let’s see who that is. Until then we don’t understand his ticket.

    2. Comparing him to Harris is too easy. Harris is finished anyway. Gabbard finished her presidential run and maybe her whole political career in Debate #2, and then right afterward Harris making herself really easy to joke about by calling herself a “first tier candidate”.

    Comment by artichoke — 9/14/2019 @ 8:23 pm

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