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Dem Candidate Ends His Campaign by Opposing Impossible Promises and Fairy-Tale Economics

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This sums up our horrible politics, media, and culture all in one nice short clip. John Delaney was thought to have had a strong night until this supposed gaffe, where he decried “impossible promises” and “fairy tale economics.” Elizabeth Warren scolded him for this and the crowd went wild:

Most of what Delaney says there is garbage, but the one sensible thing he said — that his party should be more realistic and less pie-in-the-sky — is what Warren seized on. She issued a superficial retort that basically said “yes” to impossible promises and fairy-tale economics.

As you can see, the reaction of the chattering class was “yay Warren!”:

No discussion of whether he’s right. Just a statement that Warren’s support of fairy tales was a “roundhouse punch.” And why not conclude that? After all, a crowd of hyperpartisans (who I assume, per usual practice, had been handed tickets to the debate by the campaigns) cheered Warren loudly.

Stupid Delaney, trying to get sensible for a brief moment in that environment. You see what happens when you try to move away from superficiality for even a second.

You get eaten alive.

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