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President Trump Supporters Chant “Send Her Back” At NC Rally

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Earlier today, President Trump was leaving the White House today to attend a rally in North Carolina and a reporter asked him about the alleged claims that Rep. Ilhan Omar illegally married her brother so that he could gain American citizenship:

Reporter Emerald Robinson asked the president “if the administration was looking into possible immigration fraud committed by Ilhan Omar for possibly marrying her brother.”

“Well, there’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. I know nothing about it,” Trump said.

“I hear she was married to her brother. You’re asking me a question about it. I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s somebody who will be looking at that,” he added.

Rep. Omar has denies that her husband at the time was her brother, yet questions remain:

The accusation surfaced again as part of a recent investigation of state campaign finance violations stemming from her successful 2016 run for the Minnesota House. Documents released in that probe showed that Omar filed federal taxes in 2014 and 2015 with her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, while legally married to but separated from Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Although she has legally corrected the discrepancy, she has declined to say anything about how or why it happened, fueling questions about the nature of her relationship with Elmi, a British national.

Omar has long denounced the allegation that Elmi is her brother and dismissed media inquiries about her marital history. “Whether by colluding with right-wing outlets to go after Muslim elected officials or hounding family members, legitimate media outlets have a responsibility not to fan the flames of hate,” her spokesman said in a recent statement to the Star Tribune. “Continuing to do so is not only demeaning to Ilhan, but to her entire family.”

At tonight’s rally, the president sensed an opening and railed about the four Democratic congresswomen who were the targets of his incendiary tweets this past weekend, which in turn lead to the Democratic-led House vote to condemn his remarks:

Trump used the 2020 campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina, to attack Omar and three other Democratic congresswomen – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayana Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan – calling them “hate-filled extremists”.

In what was reminiscent of the “lock her up” chants made by Trump supporters during the presidential campaign rallies, supporters followed tonight’s attacks on Omar, an American citizen, with an updated version of the chant:

… President Donald Trump resumed his rhetorical assault on four freshman Democratic women lawmakers Wednesday at a re-election rally in Greenville, N.C.

“These left-wing ideologues see our nation as a force for evil,” Trump said of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. Later, he said they are helping to “fuel the rise” of a “dangerous, militant hard left” — connecting them to violence by the group Antifa, even though there is no link.

On Wednesday, he chided Tlaib for calling him a “motherf—-er” — “that’s not somebody that loves our country,” he said — blasted Ocasio-Cortez for referring to squalid, overcrowded migrant detention facilities on the U.S.-Mexico border as concentration camps, and Pressley for encouraging people of color to speak up for one another. He also accused Omar of being soft on terrorism.

“Omar laughed that Americans speak of al Qaeda in a menacing tone,” he said. “You don’t say America with this intensity. You say al Qaeda makes you proud. Al Qaeda makes you proud. You don’t speak that way about America,” he added, referring to her remarks in a 2013 interview.

The crowd broke into a chant of “Send her back!”

This is a full clip of his comments focusing on Omar. You can start at the 3:38 mark for the shorter version:

Following a tweet in which Omar linked to a report about Trump’s rally tonight and the “send her back” chants, Omar tweeted this :


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