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News Roundup: Jeffrey Epstein

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[guest post by Dana]

On top of Alex Acosta’s resignation, there are some other revelations and developments happening in the unfolding Jeffrey Epstein case. I’ve compiled some of the latest news for your perusal.

First, more victims are coming forward to accuse Epstein of having sexually abused them:

At least a dozen new victims have come forward to claim they were sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein even as the multimillionaire money manager tries to convince a federal judge to allow him to await a sex trafficking trial from the comfort of the same $77 million Manhattan mansion where he’s accused of luring teenage girls into unwanted sex acts.

Following Epstein’s arrest Saturday in New Jersey, four women have reached out to New York lawyer David Boies, and at least 10 other women have approached other lawyers who have represented dozens of Epstein’s alleged victims in the past.

Jack Scarola, a Palm Beach attorney, said at least five women, all of whom were minors at the time of their alleged encounters with Epstein, have reached out to either him or Fort Lauderdale lawyer Brad Edwards.

“The people we are speaking to are underage victims in Florida and in New York. They are not individuals whose claims have previously been part of any law enforcement investigation,’’ Scarola said.

I suspect there will be a lot more victims coming forward, given that The Miami Herald had previously reported in 2018 that “it had identified about 80 women who say they were molested or sexually abused by Epstein between 2001 and 2006″.

Below is an interview from the Today Show with Epstein victim Jennifer Araoz, who explains how an unnamed Epstein associate approached her in front of her school and began the process of grooming the young 14-year old for Epstein’s use. She also describes how he forcibly raped her. While the graphic detail is hard to hear, it’s instructive to see how the well-oiled machine of Epstein and Maxwell worked:

Also, the locals on Epstein’s Little St. James Island knew something was amiss but apparently kept any concerns to themselves:

“Everybody called it ‘Pedophile Island,’” St. Thomas boat operator Kevin Goodrich said of Epstein’s 75-acre Little St. James Island, about a mile southeast of St. Thomas.

“It’s our dark corner.”

Many of those hired to work on the island are bound by non-disclosure agreements, but one reported seeing a parade of barely legal girls there — though he and others kept their heads down, he said.

“When he was there, it was keep to yourself and do your thing,” the man said, noting Epstein would gift workers with old machinery and surplus lumber as well.

And while there is ongoing speculation that Epstein’s alleged fortune may not be exactly that, a judge has allowed Epstein to file his financial information under seal.

Finally, the NYPD didn’t have a problem with Epstein ignoring a judge’s order that required him to check in with them every 90 days:

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein never once checked in with city cops in the eight-plus years since a Manhattan judge ordered him to do so every 90 days — and the NYPD says it’s fine with that.

After being labeled a worst-of-the-worst, Level 3 sex offender in 2011, Epstein should have reported in person to verify his address 34 times before he was arrested Saturday on federal child sex-trafficking charges.

Violating requirements of the state’s 1996 Sex Offender Registration Act — including checking in with law enforcement — is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison for a first offense.

Subsequent violations carry a sentence of up to seven years each.

But the NYPD hasn’t required the billionaire financier — who owns a $77 million Upper East Side townhouse — to check in since he registered as a sex offender in New York over the controversial 2008 plea bargain he struck in Florida amid allegations he sexually abused scores of underage girls in his Palm Beach mansion.

Public defender Eliza Orlins makes an observation: “I can’t tell you how many clients of mine have been arrested by the NYPD & prosecuted by Manhattan DA, Cy Vance for felony failure to register. They’re almost all poor people of color, who sometimes only missed registration because they changed shelters.”

Yet one more mystery surrounding Epstein and Little St. James Island:

“The only unusual aspect of the main residence the former worker said he was aware of were the security boxes in two offices,” Bloomberg reports. “The level of secrecy around a steel safe in Epstein’s office, in particular, suggested it contained much more than just money, he said. Outside of an occasional visit by a housekeeper, no one was allowed in those rooms.”


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