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Portland Protests: Photo-Journalist Viciously Assaulted By Antifa Thugs

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[guest post by Dana]

This report, by Kale Williams of Oregon Live, refers to the victim, photo-journalist and editor at Quillette Andy Ngo as a right-leaning provocateur, just in case you were looking for something to justify the violent attack on him. And don’t forget, he willingly went into the potentially violent situation in order to do some reporting, so, you know, shouldn’t have worn that short skirt:

Despite a large showing — left-wing protesters showed up in the hundreds while right-wing demonstrators numbered only a few dozen — Saturday featured only a few isolated flashpoints of violence. Still, one of them has garnered outsized attention with many in conservative circles condemning the mayor and police for perceived inaction in the face of violence.

Andy Ngo, a right-leaning provocateur with online news and opinion outlet Quillette, which identifies Ngo as an editor and photojournalist, went to the left-wing demonstration around noon on Saturday. Around 1:30 p.m., Ngo was attacked by a group of masked individuals who kicked, punched and threw milkshakes at him. He quickly left the scene and was admitted to a local hospital, he said on Twitter.

Pictures he posted after the attack show cuts and bruises to his face and neck as well as what appears to be the remnants of milkshake coating his hair and clothing.

The “milkshake” that landed on Ngo was quite possibly made of quick-drying cement, according to the Portland P.D. Michelle Malkin tweeted late this afternoon that Ngo remains hospitalized. He is reportedly suffering from a “brain bleed”.

And, in what is becoming all too familiar:

Police were lined up along the perimeter of the park before the attack, but no one intervened to break up the fight. Late Saturday, police reported that three people had been arrested, including one for assault, but it was unclear if that person had anything to do with the attack on Ngo.

Here is the “right-leaning provocateur” doing uh, you know, his job yesterday (Photos via Michelle Malkin):




The response from Big Media has been thin at best. A search at the New York Times and the Washington Post links me to a the same AP report. A search of the Los Angeles Times drew a blank. Several mainstream reporters have condemned the attacks:


Anyway, the deafening silence from prominent members of the media who have been raging of late about unfair treatment toward those in their profession, is telling. The danger of assuming the moral high ground is that eventually the smug stance will be tested. This is very often followed by an ungracious tumble down from their vaunted position. Too many people in certain professions just seem to be consistently blind to their own soul-crushing hypocrisy. Journalists, as a whole, respect colleagues who take risks to write stories and report on any number of issues. Yet when a photo-journalist who thinks about things differently, is violently attacked while reporting on a group of dangerous thugs is met with silence from the very same people who are outraged at the mistreatment of those in media, hypocrisy is again exposed. And it doesn’t stop there: The victim is blamed and vile suggestions are made that victimization was his goal all along.

Here are how three news sources framed their tweets about the attack and evidenced that no one at these outlets is aware of the “left-wing” and “far-left”:




Also, here is video of the attack, provided by Jim Ryan of the Oregonian:

Malkin is spearheading a GoFundMe campaign for Andy Ngo here.


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  1. To quote a line from my favorite Clancy movie, Hunt for Red October: “This business will get out of control! It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it!”

    These fascists and their enablers need to be dealt with NOW, not allowing them to continue threatening and assaulting citizens should be a major campaign issue next year. I’m glad my senator, Cruz, is speaking up this morning calling for a Federal investigation, but more voices are needed.

    Comment by Sean — 7/1/2019 @ 10:06 am

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