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Unsurprising: President Trump Expresses Confidence In Kim Jong-Un While Mocking Joe Biden

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Last week at his campaign launch in Philadelphia, former vice-president Joe Biden rhetorically asked the crowd:

Are we a nation that embraces dictators and tyrants like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and Kim Jong Un?

Pyongyang reacted in typical fashion when their Supreme Leader is publicly insulted:

Former U.S. Vice-President Biden has gone reckless and senseless, seized by ambition for power…What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician…It is by no means accidental that there is nonstop comment over his bid for candidacy that he is not worth pinning hope on, backed by the jeer that he is a fool of low IQ.”

This weekend, President Trump praised North Korea’s murderous, thug dictator Kim Jong-Un by expressing confidence in him while casually downplaying North Korea’s recent missile testing. And instead of loudly reinforcing Biden’s accurate assessment of Kim, the President of the United States opted to join in with the tyrant to publicly mock the former vice-president of the United States:

North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me. I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me, & also smiled when he called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse. Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?


Some will say, with a certain level of exasperation and condescension, that this is just part of President Trump’s clever strategy to keep Kim Jong-Un reined in, and that this demonstrates his magnificent skills in deal-making with the world’s strongmen. But when one considers what President Trump’s own national security adviser said about the missile testing, that theory comes into question:

Bizarrely, Trump made the comments not only just hours after his own national security adviser condemned North Korea for testing ballistic missiles, but also right before his scheduled meeting in Japan with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who also spoke out about the missile testing.

The country’s test of ballistic missiles earlier this month was seen as an aggressive escalation that violates United Nations Security Council resolutions, according to Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton.

“In terms of violating Security Council resolutions, there’s no doubt about that,” Bolton told reporters on Saturday morning. Bolton also said Trump is working to maintain sanctions pressure on the North Korean regime until it backs down.

A day earlier, Pyongyang suggested it had no intention of cooperating with Washington until the Trump administration agrees to make compromises instead of insisting on what it described as unilateral disarmament. An unnamed North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman made the comments to state media, saying nuclear negotiations between the two countries will not resume until the U.S. changes its terms.

This morning, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told Chuck Todd that the president and Kim Jong Un agree in their assessment of Joe Biden. This as she bizarrely tried to divorce the person Kim Jong-Un from his words because in Sander’s upside down world, what a person says is not reflective of who they are, and vice-versa:

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Todd referenced Trump’s tweet, and asked Sanders whether Americans should be “concerned that the president of the United States is essentially siding with a murderous authoritarian dictator over a former vice president of the United States.”

“Chuck, the president’s not siding with that,” Sanders said. “But I think they agree in their assessment of former Vice President Joe Biden.”

“The president doesn’t need somebody else to give him an assessment of Joe Biden,” she added. “He’s given his own assessment a number of times. I think you’ve seen it. I’m sure you’ve covered it on your program. The president watched him and his administration with President [Barack] Obama fail for eight years. He’s come in in two and a half, he’s cleaned up a lot of the messes that were left behind.”

Sanders went on to say that Trump shouldn’t have to “deal with” North Korea at all, but that the previous administration failed on North Korea, Iran and trade and now it’s up to Trump to be “tough with these countries.”

“I think if anybody needs help with an assessment, it’s Joe Biden and whether or not he should be trying to get an upgrade when he failed to do the job in the number two slot.”

Context :

Kim Jong Un is an enemy of America & the world. His nuclear program exists to threaten & extort the planet. North Korea is a prison state & hundreds of thousands are kept in gulags for generations. And he’s responsible for Otto Warmbier’s death.

This on top of the continued starvation of his people.

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