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Rosenstein Resigns

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In his resignation letter to Trump, Rosenstein praised the president for his personal charm and policy goals. “As I submit my resignation effective on May 11, I am grateful to you for the opportunity to serve; for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations; and for the goals you set in your inaugural address: patriotism, unity, safety, education, and prosperity, because ‘a nation exists to serve its citizens,’ ” Rosenstein wrote.

He ended his letter with a sentence that asserted the Justice Department’s independence, before closing with a phrase from Trump’s campaign: “We keep the faith, we follow the rules, and we always put America first.”

Here’s an example of Trump’s courtesy and humor, as well as putting the rules first:

Courtesy! Rule following! It’s what Trump is all about.

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  1. I really don’t care that Trump has no sense of courtesy or decorum. I never have. I also note that he’s hardly the first president of this regretable nature – anyone doubting that should have a look into LBJ, for a start, who makes Trump seem mannered.

    I do, however, care very much that Trump is apparently meeting with Democrats about a 2 trillion abomination of an “infrastructure” program. That scares the heck out of me, because unlike his lack of courtesy and decorum, this has the potential of real and actual harm, and on a massive scale at that. I’ll withhold my condemnation until I see whether or not this is real, but I’m not hopeful.

    However… if it turns out to be a sham, just a maneuver to embarrass Democrats (by having them torpedo the whole deal just because there’s a wall attached) then I’ll cheer. I guess time will tell, but I’m worried on this one.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 4/30/2019 @ 12:16 pm

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