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Trump Blamed for “Incitement” for Criticism of Idiotic Comment By Ilhan Omar

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So Rep. Ilhan Omar described the events of 9/11 as follows: “some people did something.” This is one of those things where people say it’s taken out of context, so you go look up the context and learn that the context is exactly what it appeared to be. Our President let loose with some Twitter criticism:

To hear the Democrat commentariat, you’d think he had just shot Rep. Omar on Fifth Avenue.

Oh, please. Criticizing someone for saying something stupid is not incitement to violence. Dan Crenshaw speaks the truth here:

Indeed. Claiming that Trump’s criticism is “incitement” is just trying to protect Rep. Omar from criticism. To heck with that. And by the way, as John Sexton asks:

But it just goes to show you: radical leftists gonna radical leftist. Oh, hey, speaking of which:

The roughly 1,200-word op-ed that appeared on the Boston Globe’s website Wednesday began with the author looking back on one of his “biggest regrets” in life — “not pissing in Bill Kristol’s salmon.”

“I was waiting on the disgraced neoconservative pundit and chief Iraq War cheerleader about 10 years ago at a restaurant in Cambridge and to my eternal dismay, some combination of professionalism and pusillanimity prevented me from appropriately seasoning his entree,” wrote Luke O’Neil, a Boston-based freelance journalist and regular contributor to the Globe’s opinions section. (O’Neil has also contributed to The Washington Post.)

. . . .

“As for the waiters out there, I’m not saying you should tamper with anyone’s food, as that could get you into trouble,” O’Neil wrote. “You might lose your serving job. But you’d be serving America. And you won’t have any regrets years later.”

It was so bad, the Boston Globe actually took it down. That’s how bad it was.

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  1. I agree with Dan Crenshaw and John Sexton. There is too much exaggeration in politics.

    Comment by DRJ — 4/13/2019 @ 6:50 pm

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