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Quick Hits About the Dumbest Timeline

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Boy, the news is stupid these days.

People are saying: “David Brooks is supporting reparations after reading Ta-Nehisi Coates! Wow! And he’s a conservative!”

Meanwhile, “conservative” Jen Rubin denounces conservatives for voting against that “All Hate Matters” resolution that Dana took apart here. Hey, who said this? “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.” Which whitewashing of evil by condemning both sides do you like, and which do you hate, partisans?

A hack judge praises Manafort’s “otherwise blameless life” of lobbying for dictatorial monsters.

Eric Holder says Democrats should pack the court. Good timing, man! The White House and U.S. Senate are currently controlled by … whom, again?

Here’s one worth looking at:

Donald Trump’s inauguration received tens of thousands of dollars from shell companies that masked the involvement of a foreign contributor or others with foreign ties.

The Guardian has identified the creators of three obscure firms that contributed money to Trump’s inaugural committee, which collected a record $107m as he entered the White House in 2017.

The three companies each gave $25,000 to Trump’s inaugural fund. At least one of the contributions was made for a foreign national who appears ineligible to make political donations in the US.

File it under “Things Trump Superfans Would Go Ape-Poopie About if It Were Obama, But Will Ignore, Justify, or Rationalize When It’s Trump.”

I’m in Friendly Mode today. Enjoy.

P.S. On the recommendation of commenter Slugger, I’m about 1/3 of the way through A River in Darkness: One Man’s Escape from North Korea by Masaji Ishikawa. Good stuff. I will probably write about this and Escape from Camp 14 soon. (Both links are affiliate links. Buy the books!)

P.P.S. If you have noticed that I tend to blog less lately, it’s largely because I’d rather read books than pay attention to the news. Hopefully the idiocy of all these stories helps explain that decision.

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