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Hey, Nancy Pelosi! Infantilizing A Congresswoman Is No Way To Honor Any Woman On International Women’s Day

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[guest post by Dana]

It’s a bit jarring to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continue to be disrespectful to a sitting female member of Congress, as she once again denied Rep. Ilhan Omar full agency as an adult woman, and as an adult woman in full command of her thoughts, words, and deeds.

Instead, Pelosi continues to treat Omar as little more than a small child who is incapable of understanding what she is saying. If Omar is really that limited in understanding that words have meaning, should she really be a sitting representative in the U.S. Congress? Especially given the basic requirements of her job and sworn oath to support the U.S. Constitution, in all of its sheer depth and breadth? That’s an awful lot for any elected official to grapple with, let alone one who apparently doesn’t know what she is saying and what her words mean – even after having been informed on several occasions.


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