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Where We Stand

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[guest post by Dana]

Here’s where we stand regarding the wall and the shutdown, according to those with vested interests. Vested interests does not necessarily mean in the best interest of the country.

From President Trump:


From Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (via Seung Min Kim)




  1. Trump took calls from children calling Norad to find out where Santa is and he asked one child if he still believed in Santa. If he did, he doesn’t anymore.

    Comment by DRJ — 12/24/2018 @ 8:01 pm

  2. Trump is also looking forward to seeing Kim Jong Un. This shutdown seems to be driving Trump to distraction.

    Comment by DRJ — 12/24/2018 @ 8:05 pm

  3. He’s bored. There’s no active chaos, only the emptiness of a shutdown. A man like Trump thrives on crises and chaos. So when it’s quiet and he is alone with only himself for company, it probably makes him a little more nuts than usual. I don’t think he goes the meditative and contemplative route when in quiet stillness. Reports that he watches TV nonstop would seem to validate that. I’m guessing he doesn’t like to be alone with himself and his conscience.

    Comment by Dana — 12/24/2018 @ 11:59 pm

  4. That sounds like the demented relative we all dread being around. God bless him but he should not be in charge of anything other than his own affairs.

    Comment by DRJ — 12/25/2018 @ 9:49 am

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