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  1. Errrr… that’s a rather thin argument he’s making, IMHO, even if USMCA really does end up being a benefit to the US.

    How about something more direct, like a tax on remittances? That’d be a sounder claim.

    Also, regarding the wall, I have doubts as to the utility of the shown designs, especially if they don’t include razor wire (I have heard that as both yes and no, so have no clue if they do)). Basically, I think the wall the Israelis use might be both less costly and more effective. Or, heck, what about just several rolls of razor wire? That seems to be working pretty well for Hungary.

    It’d also help tremendously if motive was reduced. I like Trump’s move regarding making illegal entrants ineligible for refugee status, and frankly I’d like to see the refugee category ended. I’m also in favor of mandatory E-verify, which we have in Arizona and it’s worked very well (it’s not perfect, but it has helped, a lot).

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 12/14/2018 @ 12:15 am

  2. Yeah, from the beginning I have thought that the wall was just a symbolic thing that wouldn’t have all that much effect on stemming illegal immigration. I think that way more effort should be put into stopping off-the-books employment, fraudulent use of documents like Social Security cards, and immigration abuses like overstaying visas or failing to show for deportation hearings. I think $5 billion would go much further if put towards these initiatives.

    But Trump staked his campaign on this issue, and a huge chunk of his supporters see it as THE way to curb illegal immigration, so I guess we’re stuck with it if he can somehow get it funded.

    Comment by JVW — 12/14/2018 @ 12:30 am

  3. @JVW;

    IMHO, a barrier is needed in some areas, the recent caravan mass invasion attempt proves that. What I find incredibly dubious is the design – assuming it does not have razor wire.

    If, however, the wall will have razor wire, it could be quite effective in some areas. In other areas, geography dictates other means.

    On putting far more effort into taking away motive, I 100% agree. As a practical matter, much of it can be done with little to no cost, such as E-verify. The federal e-verify system is already up and running (that’s what Arizona has been using for years – all employers are required to use it for new hires here).

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 12/14/2018 @ 7:01 pm

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