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Election Open Thread: Why Does It Matter?

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The polls still seem to suggest that the Republicans will lose the House but retain the Senate. As someone increasingly annoyed with partisan politics, I have a question for you: if that happens, so what?

As long as Republicans keep the Senate, they will be able to confirm judges and block any bad legislation they want to block. (Whether they will want to is another question!) Other than tax cuts (if you believe that was good; I don’t), what good legislation has been passed under Republicans? Bueller? Bueller?

Republicans warn that under Democrats there will be more investigation of Donald Trump. That strikes me as a feature rather than a bug. We know, thanks to the New York Times, that he was a tax cheat in the past — a story that deserved a lot more coverage, frankly. It stands to reason that he still is. It’s popular to pooh-pooh the notion that Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause, but a court case that accuses him of that Constitutional violation strikes me as not implausible, and is going to discovery. I’m not sure what the courts can do with that, but House Democrats may follow up with their own investigation if they take over the lower branch. Why is any of this supposed to bother me?

It’s not enough to get me to vote Democrat. But it’s enough to make me yawn if other people want to — as long as Republicans don’t lose the Senate.

Tell me, in terms that comply with this blog’s commenting rules (no personal attacks), why my argument is wrong.

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