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Condemn Them All: Nothing Justifies Political Acts Of Violence On Either Side Of The Aisle

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[guest post by Dana]

Two ugly acts of violence are in the news.

The first story involves billionaire philanthropist George Soros (or, as the WaPo unsurprisingly frames it: Explosive device found at residence of George Soros, liberal philanthropist and target of far right):

A pipe-bomb-like device loaded with black powder was found at the suburban New York City home of billionaire financier George Soros, prompting the FBI to launch an investigation into who would want to harm the philanthropist and political activist, a law enforcement source told ABC News on Tuesday.

The FBI detonated the device near Soros’ home in Katonah, New York, and were analyzing the parts to determine whether the bomb was built to go off, the source said.

The source emphasized that the device was no hoax.

The bomb was found about 3:45 p.m. Monday in the mailbox of Soros’ home by a property caretaker for the billionaire, the source said.

“An employee of the residence opened the package, revealing what appeared to be an explosive device,” said Bedford police, which sent officers to the residence, in a statement.

The caretaker placed the suspicious package in a wooded area and called the police, officials said.

No determination has been made whether the device arrived by mail or was planted in the mailbox, and there is no suspect yet.

The second report concerns Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.):

Two men apparently attacked the Bakersfield office of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Monday night, throwing a massive rock through one of its windows and burglarizing office equipment inside.

McCarthy posted four photographs documenting the alleged episode on Instagram — three showing the individuals he identified as possible suspects, and one providing a clear view of a massive slab of rock lying on the floor amid shattered glass.

“Does anyone know these two guys?” McCarthy wrote on the social media site, next to images of two people spotted near his office.

The Bakersfield Police Department did not comment on the alleged incident when reached by Fox News and said it would have more information on Tuesday.

McCarthy, like several other congressional Republicans, has faced threats and harassment in the past several weeks. In August, protesters in Sacramento chanting “No justice, no peace” disrupted McCarthy’s event at the Public Policy Institute of California.

This x 1000:

“There’s no way somebody on my ideological side would plant a bomb in Soros mailbox/break a window and steal things from McCarthy’s office! It must be an elaborate hoax!” Do you realize how crazy you sound?

Angry individuals and mobs willing to do harm to political opponents exist on both sides of the aisle. We’ve all seen the results of their havoc. Sadly, if you read the comments at the links above, it’s obvious that assigning blame takes a front-seat to simple, full-throated condemnation of anyone from any side of the aisle committing any sort of violence. This “whataboutism” and “but they…” is becoming little more than a twisted game of one-upmanship. Bad enough coming from private citizens, but far more foul coming from sleazy politicians exploiting such events for their own sordid political gain.

It is both equally possible to loathe an individual and criticize their politics as destructive, yet condemn anyone who would seek to do them harm.



  1. What is your evidence this was alt-right? Not a false flag hoax to engender sympathy or give cover to articles like this that “both sides do it”?

    Comment by Fen — 10/23/2018 @ 10:31 pm

  2. Also, the regulars back over at Patterico sure aren’t respecting your warning about personal attacks and your CoC. They must not respect you.

    How do you expect me to respect your warnings as a moderator if your own regulars don’t respect those warnings?

    See, I figured you were going to ban me no matter what I said or did. You let them bully me and when I pushed back, you came down on me instead.

    No worries. I’ve been reading him since Captain Quarters. I was sent by another to check your integrity. You failed.

    Comment by Fen — 10/23/2018 @ 10:37 pm

  3. Fen, please point to the part of Dana’s post where she even implicated the alt-right in the attack. The fact is both sides are engaging in these tactics, sure the left has a huge head start, but ignoring violence on the right will only allow it to fester. Freedom loving individuals need to call out these tactics no matter which segment of the political spectrum it germinates from.

    Comment by Sean — 10/24/2018 @ 7:21 am

  4. Aw, Fen was bullied. Shed a tear for him while I ban him over here too.

    Comment by Patterico — 10/24/2018 @ 7:44 am

  5. I was sent by another to check your integrity.


    I cannot name my employer, but his mission has been fulfilled. I must now forge ahead with a new assignment. I bid you farewell, cucks.

    Comment by Patterico — 10/24/2018 @ 8:03 am

  6. He is from Ace’s.

    Comment by DRJ — 10/24/2018 @ 7:31 pm

  7. Wow. Good catch, DRJ.

    Comment by Patterico — 10/24/2018 @ 7:37 pm

  8. The comments here are delightful, especially the one sock-puppeting as me.

    Comment by Patterico — 10/24/2018 @ 8:18 pm

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