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David Bowie: Actually, We Won’t Throw the Homework on the Fire

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A lot of you guys are always saying that Twitter is the devil’s tool: a toxic garbage dump of a site with virtually no redeeming qualities and a primary purpose of allowing groupthink mobs to form and randomly terrorize good people.

Well, you’re right.

Except that I did find this one delightful story there yesterday, and in these times of waiting for Kavanaugh and Rosenstein shoes to drop (what happens when both shoes are dropped at once?) I thought I’d lighten the mood by sharing it with you.

First, the background: as an avid David Bowie fan, I was always entranced with his album “Hunky Dory” and the whimsical song “Kooks”:

I had always understood that Bowie wrote the song to his newborn son, and the lyrics promise a fun, devil-may-care life to the young lad:

And if you ever have to go to school
Remember how they messed up this old fool
Don’t pick fights with the bullies or the cads
Because I’m not much cop at punching other people’s dads
And if the homework brings you down
Then we’ll throw it on the fire
And take the car downtown

“What a fun dad he would be!” I always thought. Well, yesterday on the Twitters people were musing about this, and how Bowie’s son Duncan Jones must have been able to use the song as an excuse to get out of homework:

Duncan responded that, no, not so much:

David Bowie, you were a good man and a good dad.

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