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Christine Blasey Ford “Accepts” Offer to Testify with Late Response That Is Not Really an Acceptance

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If the game here were truly to delay and obstruct while painting Republican senators as white male bullies, how would this response be any different?

Let’s review the bidding. Grassley keeps setting deadlines and setting conditions. Ford’s lawyer ignores the deadlines, calls Grassley a bully, and makes absurd demands that make no sense (like demanding that Kavanaugh testify first, which gives him no chance to respond to Ford’s allegations). As Dana noted yesterday, Grassley demanded a response by last night, which was deemed more bullying and ignored. Now, today, we have the media falsely reporting that Ford has “accepted” the invitation without actually coming to a meeting of the minds on the critical details, like when and how this will occur.

Ford is trying to show she is in charge. But she isn’t. In the end, the Senate is in charge. I don’t oppose their showing flexibility as long as they are willing to be firm in the end. Doing it this way allows them to say: look, we tried. They kept ignoring our deadlines, over and over, and finally we had no choice but to set a hearing.

The media will act like they are rejecting her “acceptance” but the media often lies and distorts to the detriment of conservatives. In the end, Grassley will have to stand up and be a man, and take action that will be portrayed as jamming this nomination down Democrats’ throats.

The concern that a “cloud” will hang over Kavanaugh’s head as a result is overstated. A “cloud” has arguably hung over Clarence Thomas’s head his whole career. So what? He’s been a great justice — the best justice sitting on the Court right now — and he’s given us a lot of great votes and opinions. Kavanaugh will be great too. Stop worrying about a “cloud” and let’s get this done.

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