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Punk vs. Punk

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Tucker Carlson, aka The Most Punchable Guy on Television, had Michael Avenatti on his show this evening. I don’t watch Tucker Carlson’s show, but it’s clear from the interview that Carlson has been calling Avenatti a “Creepy Porn Lawyer” for months. They apparently struck a bargain by which Carlson would not use that term during the interview.

So Carlson screwed up his face the way he does, in what Ken White calls the “spaniel-doing-calculus face,” and told Avenatti that he didn’t want to call him names. He wanted to take him seriously. And for the vast majority of their 13-minute interview, Carlson acted like an immature whiny punk while the chyron did the insulting he had promised he wouldn’t do:

Tucker Carlson

I’m not linking the video. It’s what Tucker and Fox News want. It’s bad enough that I wasted nearly a quarter hour of my life watching it myself. I would feel wrong inflicting that on you too.

I’ll just say this: I can’t stand Michael Avenatti. The fact that a clown like him is considering running for President is a further illustration of what a crap electorate we have. The fact that he could be taken seriously by anyone is an indictment of America.

And so:

Just imagine what an amazingly annoying punk you have to be to make Michael Freaking Avenatti look like the adult in the room.

P.S. Fox News cut off the end of the interview, where Tucker calls Avenatti “creepy porn lawyer.” So here it is:

Trump: Democrats Are Making Up the Death Toll in Puerto Rico

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Because, as usual, it’s all about him:

Electricity was out for months in Puerto Rico, with reports last month that it was finally back being disputed by some residents. Drinking water was a problem for weeks, at least. It’t not facially insane to think that these and other factors could contribute to a rise in deaths after the winds and rain had subsided.

Here’s the study. I’m not interested in your purely partisan insights pro or con, but if anyone has actual thoughts on the actual methodology of the study, leave them below.

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