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Fella with Ties to White Supremacists Attended White House Meetings

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Only the best people:

In one email from 2015, Smith responded to a group dinner invitation whose host said his home would be “judenfrei,” a German word used by the Nazis during World War II to describe territory that had been “cleansed” of Jews during the Holocaust.

“They don’t call it Freitag for nothing,” Smith replied, using the German word for “Friday,” according to the Atlantic. “I was planning to hit the bar during the dinner hours and talk to people like Matt Parrot, etc.,” Smith added, a reference to the former spokesman for the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker Party.

. . . .

The emails cited by the Atlantic do not include any explicitly racist statements made by Smith, but they do suggest he was comfortable enough within the milieu of American white nationalism to refer to its leading figures on a first-name basis.

In one 2015 email, for example, Smith explains that he missed an event hosted by “NPI,” the National Policy Institute founded by white supremacist Richard B. Spencer.

He wasn’t the top guy but he wasn’t nobody:

Though Smith was not assigned a supervisory position at DHS, he “wasn’t just some low-level schlub who didn’t do anything,” according to one government official familiar with his work for the administration. … On repeat occasions, they said, Smith attended immigration meetings at the White House convened by senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller, attending at times in place of his supervisor, Michael Dougherty, the DHS assistant secretary for border, immigration and trade policy.

How did this guy get his job to begin with?

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