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President Trump Responds To News That Sen. McCain Is Ending Medical Treatment

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[guest post by Dana]

The President of the United States’ response: *crickets*.


Throughout McCain’s illness, Trump has continued to publicly snub him — including a recent appearance in which the president declined to say McCain’s name when signing a bill that was named for him. As of late Friday, Trump had said nothing about McCain’s medical decision.

Trump does not want to comment on McCain before he dies, White House officials said, and there was no effort to publish a statement Friday as many politicians released supportive comments on the ailing senator.

Note that the president does not want to comment, not that he can’t, or that it would put McCain or anybody else at risk if he did. He just doesn’t want to add his support. This president is such a petty, self-centered, spiteful pustule that even as Sen. McCain faces the end of his life, he refuses to set his outlandish ego aside and offer support. Just how spiteful is President Trump, you might ask? So spiteful that when asked whether he wanted to apologize to Sen. McCain (for asserting that the senator was not a war hero), the president said no, adding that Sen. McCain’s capture by the enemy and subsequent years of imprisonment and torture were, unbelievably, irrelevant:


Interesting this president can’t say one positive thing about Sen. McCain, yet has no problem praising Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

When it was announced in 2008, that Senator Kennedy had a malignant brain tumor, then-President Bush released a thoughtful statement of support:

“Ted Kennedy is a man of tremendous courage, remarkable strength, and powerful spirit. Our thoughts are with Senator Kennedy and his family during this difficult period. We join our fellow Americans in praying for his full recovery.”

I dunno, maybe Trump’s bone spurs are making him too irritable to think about a sitting senator who is dying and has served his country well.



  1. This is not a defense.

    I would like to think Trump realizes that attacking or denigrating McCain as he nears death is cruel and inappropriate. But I don’t think Trump can stop himself from lashing out at people who oppose him, let alone empathize with them, so I doubt he has given one thought to being kind or compassionate.

    Instead, I think Trump will stop attacking McCain as long as he thinks McCain can’t hurt him. It’s all about Trump so if attacking other people helps him, Trump will do it — no matter who or what they are. And if Trump thinks it won’t help him to attack, he won’t. That’s why I expect Trump to say negative things about McCain at some point, because McCain’s book can hurt Trump and he can’t tolerate that.

    Comment by DRJ — 8/25/2018 @ 2:44 pm

  2. Houston Chronicle, reprinted from the Washington Post:

    Trump rejected plans for a White House statement praising McCain

    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump nixed issuing a statement that praised the heroism and life of Sen. John McCain, telling senior aides he preferred to issue a tweet before posting one Saturday night that did not include any kind words for the late Arizona Republican.

    Comment by DRJ — 8/26/2018 @ 5:50 pm

  3. The upcoming week of McCain tributes, honors, remembrances, and funeral will drive Trump to do something. I don’t know what but Trump will not tolerate letting McCain be the center of attention.

    Comment by DRJ — 8/26/2018 @ 5:53 pm

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