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I could write more about Sarah Jeong. But meh. On one hand, a guy found a ton more obsessive garbage from her about white people. His thread is here. If you think this controversy has been overblown and based on a handful of tweets, click that link and survey a large sample of her obsessive denigration of white people. On the other hand: in her favor, she appears to hate the New York Times and virtually everyone who has ever written for it.

She’s not going anywhere — she chose the correct race to be racist towards, after all — so let’s call it a draw. Look at it this way: every time the NYT writes an editorial on race in the future, we’ll have the example of this racist to point to. And won’t that be nice?

I could write about President Trump tweeting about LeBron James:

But meh. Yes, LeBron James has just launched a school for disadvantaged kids. This is a stupid culture war fight to pick. But Trump is just engaging in his childlike nonsense. Boring. Plus, he’s just trying to change the subject from Manafort, etc.

I like Mike!

OK, here’s a good one. The Gendered Natures of Polar Bear Tourism.

Beautiful. Get Trump to tweet about it and Sarah Jeong to reply with some nasty comment about white man, and we’ll be cookin’.

I’ll close with the never-ending menace of people throwing dead octopi at condos:

Thanks to the country’s historically strict firearm control laws, police officers in Japan rarely have to worry about dealing with gun-wielding criminals. However, over the past few months Japanese law enforcement officials have arrested suspects for crimes committed using knives, sickles, and even fireworks, and now investigators in Hokkaido are searching for a man who armed himself with an eight-legged instrument of mayhem.

On July 27, at around 2 a.m. in the morning most of the city of Sapporo, the largest city on the northern island of Hokkaido, was sleeping. One resident of the city’s Chuo Ward, however, couldn’t because he kept hearing a thumping on the exterior wall of his condominium building. While Japan appreciates peace and quiet in its residential areas, most people won’t immediately call the cops at the first bit of noisiness. After the thumping had gone on for nearly an hour, though, the resident contacted the police, who came out and searched the area.

While they didn’t find any suspicious people lurking around, they did discover some suspicious seafood, in the form of a dead octopus which they said had been thrown against the building’s wall repeatedly.

Thanks to Dave Barry, who notes: “This happens far too often.”

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