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Whom Will Trump Pick for the Supreme Court Tomorrow?

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Just like last time, the name Thomas Hardiman is being bandied about this weekend, even as Kethledge is being deep-sixed in the rumor mills. My views on Hardiman have not changed much since I wrote this post in January 2017. I said then that Hardiman was not battle-tested enough to replace Scalia but might be appropriate down the road. I think he might be an OK replacement for a lefty justice like Ginsburg, but unless our goal is to replace an unpredictable and moderate judge like Kennedy with another moderate, we can do better. I still think Bill Pryor would have been a better choice right out of the gate to replace Scalia, and we could have done Gorsuch this time — but what’s done is done.

Whether this is a feint to make Kavanaugh seem more of a surprise, I don’t know. I hope so.

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