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MSNBC Yapper: The United States Is Now Worse than Venezuela or Cuba

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Steve “Compassionate Conservative” Schmidt is upset, and he wants you to know it:

“The extraordinary and astounding hypocrisy of it, to see the constancy of the assertion of Christian virtue by political leaders in this country who have established internment camps for babies and toddlers,” Schmidt said. “By the way, and I never in a million years thought I would sit here or anywhere and say this, but the difference now between Venezuela and Cuba and the United States is this. Venezuela and Cuba are the countries without internment camps for babies and toddlers.”

Also they have poverty, starvation, and political repression:

Venezuela is currently in extreme economic distress due to the socialist policies of authoritarian President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro has cracked down on human rights as the country faces food and medical shortages owing to its current crisis. Cuba is a Communist country with a poor human rights record and a regime that imprisons political opponents.

You might remember Schmidt from such campaigns as Ahhhhnold or John McCain. He’s great at backing people who are Republicans but not particularly conservative. Now he’s an MSNBC analyst: a natural progression.

Allahpundit explains the game happening here:

The game is called “Crisis” and you win to the extent that your sense of despair at it outstrips others’. Opposing child separation is meh; demonstrating against it is better; saying that it places us at a moral disadvantage to the Maduro regime is an all-star performance. The spate of liberals demonstrating outside Trump aides’ homes, kicking staffers out of restaurants, and all the tedious Antifa-esque defenses of it online over the last few days are big point-scorers too. How much do you care? Enough to yank that cheese plate out of Sarah Sanders’s hand? Enough to write political spank material for leftists about how civility towards persons such as these is itself immoral? It’s a game.

The United States is attempting to stem a flood of immigrants into our borders, because we have the highest standard of living on the continent. That is what is happening. Full stop.

The trouble with statements like Schmidt’s, other than that they are idiotic, is that they get used as propaganda in other countries. Other countries where actual repression occurs. Other countries with actual internment camps.

Pro-tip: Don’t exaggerate the faults of the United States, and compare us to actual terrible countries — unless your goal is to give aid and comfort to actual terrible countries. In which case, your moral compass is way of whack. Maybe even more out of whack than Donald Trump’s!

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