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It’s Coming: Obama TV

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We thought Trump TV was going to be the next thing, until we were handed a 4-8 year reality show on all the networks. Now you can remind yourself why you didn’t particularly care for, or perhaps despised, the guy Trump replaced. “Miss him yet”? Why, soon he’ll be only a click away again! Allahpundit explains:

Obama TV: Netflix Signs Deal With Barack And Michelle To Produce Original Content

Their first film: Drumpf: The Secret Wiretaps.

Nah, sounds like the political stuff here will be broadly political rather than explicitly partisan, e.g., global warming and voting rights, plus maybe some feelgood elite-left cultural pap. “The Joy of Composting,” etc.

I’m psyched for a documentary explaining why it makes sense to trust the nuclear promises of a government full of Shiite fanatics.

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“Why the Palestinians Are Right” should be a humdinger.

Allahpundit says that people on the right are boycotting Netflix over this. LOL. Smash your Keurig and abandon your cheap and plentiful entertainment. One day, you’ll be able to use only products untouched by any leftist influence. I hear cabin life is tough, but refreshing.

Me, I’ll keep my Netflix account but simply won’t be tuning in. Although having the show around sounds like a nice thing — a reminder of the good old days when people on the right liked each other, because they could come together in their hatred of a guy in power from across the aisle. Now all we have is our hatred of one another. (Although, to be fair, I don’t hate you. You just hate me.) It’s not the same. Maybe we do miss you, Barack. Maybe we do.

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  1. Ex-Presidents used to have libraries but books are outdated now, so TV and mass media is the obvious next step. Trump will have a TV show (if not an entire channel) when he leaves office. This is pre-emptive programming by the left using its most charismatic leaders.

    Comment by DRJ — 5/22/2018 @ 8:34 am

  2. Nope, definitely not a Cult of Personality

    Comment by Sean — 5/22/2018 @ 10:51 am

  3. I knew that Obama the narcissist could not just go away, like most ex Presidents.

    Comment by SPQR — 5/23/2018 @ 9:39 am

  4. Off topic, Amazon cancelled Legal Insurrection Amazon affiliates program with a bogus excuse.

    Comment by SPQR — 5/23/2018 @ 5:06 pm

  5. I think something similar happened to Patrick several weeks ago, and he had to jump through hoops to get it reinstated. The affiliates program was probably a good idea for Amazon when it was new but now it may be a drain.

    Comment by DRJ — 5/23/2018 @ 6:12 pm

  6. I wonder if political or non-political websites send Amazon more business, or if there is no difference. And what about liberal vs conservative political websites?

    Comment by DRJ — 5/23/2018 @ 6:14 pm

  7. I have been cancelled twice. The first was for a violation that was not clear (they subsequently amended the contract to make it clear that the activity was prohibited). The second time was an error on their part, I think, resulting from automation, and was resolved quickly.. I agree that it may be a drain. It’s possible that someone has been tasked with finding violations. I doubt very much it’s some kind of conspiracy against the right.

    Comment by Patterico — 5/28/2018 @ 8:56 am

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