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Uh-Oh: There’s a Rudy Loose in the China Shop and He’s Contradicting Trump Again

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So Trump has taken to Twitter to allege, apparently based on stuff he saw on the teevee, that DoJ had a spy in his campaign:

Now Rudy’s gone on Chris Cuomo’s show to do that thing that Rudy does, which is usually to admit stuff that contradicts what Trump has said.

Uh-oh. The Donald’s not gonna like this.

GIULIANI: Here’s the issue that I really feel strongly about with this informant, if there is one. First of all, I don’t know for sure, nor does the President, if there really was one. We’re told that.

CUOMO: Told that by whom?

GIULIANI: We’re told that by people who — for a long time, we’ve been told there was some kind of infiltration. At one time, the president thought it was a wiretap. There were some FISA applications. But we’ve never been notified that he was on a tap or an intercept.

CUOMO: There’s never been any proof that he was on a wiretap either.


CUOMO: But he did say it as fact, many times.

GIULIANI: I think he thought that.

CUOMO: I know. But that doesn’t make it true.

Cuomo is right. He did say it as fact.

And Cuomo is also right that the fact Donald Trump thinks something doesn’t make it true.

Last September, I comprehensively took apart all the B.S. “evidence” that was being cited by Trump superfans to say that Trump had always been right about the “tapp” on his phones. I have maintained from the very beginning that Trump had no sooper sekrit evidence of a “tapp” — he was just repeating stuff he saw on Fox News. And I was right. As I said in my first post on this, the day after Trump said he had been the subject of a “tapp”:

If that guy has a Twitter account, it doesn’t make his ravings any more plausible. Now, here’s the tough part: if he is President of the United States, it still doesn’t mean his ravings are responsible commentary.

There’s Good Trump, who nominates great Justices and rolls back regulations, and Crazy Trump, who is uninformed and TV-obsessed and has a short attention span and goes around saying bizarre things. The fact that we like Good Trump doesn’t mean we have to defend Crazy Trump’s insane rants.

People did, of course, to their embarrassment. And people will defend this. Who knows? It could turn out to be true. But the point is, you can’t conclude it’s true simply because Trump said so.

And Rudy Giuliani just confirmed that.

Countdown to the walkback in 3…2…1…


  1. Off topic but I’m watching the news about the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. The “experts” are discussing the legal charges of capital murder, and speculating that the prosecutor might take the death penalty off the table if the shooter cooperates. It’s frustrating to watch since the shooter is (reportedly) 17 years old. If so, he can’t get the death penalty under Roper vs Simmons. It’s been the law since 2010.

    Comment by DRJ — 5/18/2018 @ 3:44 pm

  2. The death penalty might actually be a deterrent for young people. This shooter reportedly planned to kill himself but then decided he didn’t want to die, so he gave up.

    Comment by DRJ — 5/18/2018 @ 3:46 pm

  3. Thank you Anthony Kennedy!

    It’s only gotten worse. California has considerably lightened the penalty for murders committed by people up to the age of 25.

    Comment by Patterico — 5/19/2018 @ 10:23 pm

  4. Wow. I did not know that. That seems like the vulnerable, emotional ages where they might fear the death penalty.

    Comment by DRJ — 5/20/2018 @ 6:05 am

  5. They’re giving virtually everybody parole hearings after 25 years now. They have made a liar out of me dozens of times over, when I told families in the past that this defendant who killed their son will not even have a chance at parole during his lifetime. It was true when I said it, but now it’s not.

    Comment by Patterico — 5/20/2018 @ 7:51 am

  6. This is how society falls apart.

    Comment by DRJ — 5/20/2018 @ 8:33 am

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