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Trump Superfans on Twitter: Stormy Daniels Edition

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Yesterday, Trump superfan Kurt Schlichter tweeted words of praise for Donald Trump’s adultery with Stormy Daniels. That might sound odd until you see the reason he was pleased by the adultery: it upsets Trump critics:

I posted a tweet of my own which stripped down Kurt’s tweet to its essentials:

Please note: Kurt — whom I like in real life — is not saying that he is amused by the fact that the adultery upsets critics. He is saying that he is getting to the point where he is “actively glad” that Trump committed adultery with Stormy Daniels. He takes special care to describe Daniels, and Trump’s treatment of her, in the most degrading fashion possible.

Kurt’s choices in that tweet — to actively praise the adultery itself, and to describe Daniels in the most demeaning way he could — are an evident attempt to upset Trump’s critics even more. And, in the end, isn’t that what conservatism is really all about?

I realize that it’s impolite to point out when a Trump superfan is saying something a little crazy. Because I am hard, you will not like me.

And Kurt’s fans didn’t. Their responses ran the gamut. Some (quite a few, actually) mocked me for having been fired.

Many were thrilled that I had been supposedly “triggered”:

(The crying laughing emoji is a big thing with Trump superfans.)

Some missed the fact that we were discussing adultery, and described Trump’s squalid encounter with Daniels as simply “getting laid”:

A great many engaged in the most blatant whataboutism imaginable, invoking Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy or even FDR out of nowhere:

And many people simply asserted that one’s morality is utterly irrelevant to the job of being President, and gave the “we already knew this” defense:

I’m not coming close to giving you all the tweets. I’m running out of time.

Keep in mind that I didn’t start the discussion. Schlichter did, by praising, in gross terms, Trump’s adultery — adultery committed shortly after Trump’s wife had given birth to their son. All I did was 1) observe that Kurt had praised Trump’s adultery, and 2) note Kurt’s honesty in admitting why he found Trump’s immoral and despicable behavior to be something that makes him “glad.” And when Schlichter retweeted my observation, that sent the hordes to my timeline.

And that’s when the blocking began.

I’ve said this a million times before but I’ll say it again. When I talk about Trumpers, or Trumpalos, or Trump superfans, I’m not talking about those of you who despise Trump’s worst traits but voted for him as a lesser of two evils and are happy to see that he is at least accomplishing some conservative goals.

I’m talking about the kind of cretins who flooded my timeline yesterday. The people whose tweets I just embedded? Those are the Trumpalos.

They are the cretins of the right. They exist. They rationalize immorality. They laugh at people who think adultery is wrong. They engage in the most transparently partisan, laughable, and cruel arguments they can find.

Just putting that on the record. It was a remarkable enough episode that I wanted to memorialize it.


  1. (1) Thanks for posting that Full Metal Jacket clip. RIP R. Lee Ermey and thanks for one of the most riveting performances in movie history.

    (2) Thanks for addressing the subject of liberal-bashing. Or… whatever you want to call it. The notion that “I approve of X because it drives liberals crazy”. I’ve noticed it a lot this past year, particularly on Fox News. Greg Gutfeld can’t go a single day, it seems, without saying something like: “I don’t know much about [topic], but I know it drives liberals crazy, so I’m for it.” Rush Limbaugh does it too.

    It’s such an ODD reason to be for or against an issue, or a President. It shows a lack of a moral compass which (if it is working) should operate regardless of which political “team” you are on.

    These people hurt the political discourse, and there is way too many of them.

    Comment by Kman — 5/4/2018 @ 8:52 am

  2. Re: “the cretins of the right.”

    I’m not sure what the definition of “the right” is these days. If these sort of people are part of it, I guess it would have to be in the same sense people called Nazi supporters ‘rightist’. To me, that’s a far different meaning than an American conservative. Admirers of authoritarian strongmen to order their life for them, is that what a ‘rightist’ is?

    I suppose in any country, you’re always going to have a percentage of the Lowest Common Denominator irrationals, who just don’t care about facts or truth. They probably float from one party to another, just looking for whatever bread’n’circuses or sensation is promised. Naturally, there will always be the usual quota of Barnums and Schlichters to make a buck off them.

    Comment by Luke Stywalker — 5/5/2018 @ 5:31 am

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