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My Op-Ed in the L.A. Times About the RedState Firings

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I can’t find it on the L.A. Times site, but apparently it’s in the print newspaper, because someone left a comment about it here. I found a version of it here. Quotable:

If, among those who supposedly cherish freedom of expression, certain widespread viewpoints become taboo, where does that leave us? In a dishonest media atmosphere. More and more, conservative writers and pundits will claim to support Trump, whether they actually do or not. Meanwhile, those who refuse to engage in the charade will be increasingly sidelined.

This trajectory, left unchecked, leads to media that increasingly resembles that of totalitarian societies. That may sound like hyperbole — until you switch on Fox News, and realize how much of its programming already resembles state-run media.

Read it all here. And squawk about my alleged hyperbole below in the comments!

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