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Melania Trump Holds Event on Cyberbullying

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No, it’s not a “how to” you big silly. She’s opposing it.

Melania Trump today holds her first event on her signature issue: cyberbullying. Fox News reports:

Melania Trump is hosting executives from major online and social media companies to discuss cyberbullying and internet safety, more than a year after saying that would be her issue as first lady.

The meeting Tuesday marks her first public event on the topic, a choice some observers have questioned given that her husband often berates people on Twitter.

Amazon, Snap, Facebook, Google and Twitter are among the companies that are expected to attend the meeting.

The event is reportedly part of a symposium including numerous speakers on topics that touch our lives. O.J. Simpson will speak about anger management, Martin Shkreli will offer thoughts about public service, and (in something of a diplomatic coup) Kim Jong-un will address the conference about ways to best deliver food to the poor.

There is this one lunatic on Twitter with a huge following who tweets a lot of nasty personal insults. If only Melania Trump had some influence over that guy.

But I suspect she’s not spending a lot of personal time with that particular Twitter user these days, for whatever reason.

Anyway, good luck to Mrs. Trump in her noble crusade against cyberbullying. Maybe once she conquers that, she can take up the cause of reading, or promote the importance of wedding vows, or the need to be modest, or crusade on behalf of women who have been belittled because of their looks.

That would be a powerful message coming from a physically attractive First Lady, no?

There’s truly no limit to the causes she can take up once she finishes conquering cyberbullying today. Three cheers to you, Melania!

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  1. Very clever post and very poor choice by Melania. I feel sorry for Melania. She lets herself be used, doesn’t she?

    Comment by DRJ — 3/20/2018 @ 11:01 am

  2. It is something she’s apparently proud of, and looks forward to:

    Heavyweight political commentators may scoff, but the delectable Miss Knauss is relishing the prospect of a future pressing the flesh on state occasions. “I will put all my effort into it, and I will support my man,” she said recently.

    According to the linked article, she is also proud of her photos. I think she sought out opportunities and took advantage of them when presented. Obviously, she also enjoyed the subsequent fame and money. so as far as letting herself be used, with Trump, it’s a mutual using of each other.

    Comment by Dana — 3/20/2018 @ 12:43 pm

  3. That assumes Melanie is and always has been Trump’s equal when it comes to decision-making in their relationship. I don’t think that’s likely. Her decision-making seems limited to day-to-day child care and apparel.

    Comment by DRJ — 3/20/2018 @ 6:09 pm

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