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High School Teacher Singles Out Vet’s Son For Wearing U.S. Marines Shirt, Then Disparages the Military

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Oooh, big man on campus!

El Rancho High School teacher and Pico Rivera city councilman Gregory Salcido was caught on video maligning the U.S. military after singling out a student for wearing a U.S. Marines sweatshirt during his U.S. history class. The student’s father is a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan:

Three videos on social media of Pico Rivera Councilman Gregory Salcido, a teacher at El Rancho High School, making disparaging remarks about the military and berating a student for wearing a sweatshirt with a Marines logo have gone viral and created a backlash.

El Rancho Unified School District officials confirmed Saturday. Jan. 27 that the person speaking is Salcido and that the incident took place on school grounds.

“We acknowledge it is his voice based on the research of the incident so far and knowing it came from one of our classrooms,” district Superintendent Karling Aguilera-Fort said in a phone interview.

Salcido’s rant included insulting members of the military fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and claiming that people only enlist in the military because they have no other options. Because they’re just dumb, you see:

“Because we have a bunch of dumbs‑‑‑s over there,” Salcido said in the video, which is peppered with profanity. “Think about the people who you know who are over there. Your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbs‑‑‑s. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.”

He then spoke to the student directly:

“You better not freaking go,” Salcido says in one recording. “Don’t wear that in here.”

He also made racist comments during the rant:

Salcido is heard speaking in loaded terms about foes of the United States, saying the military was losing to “dudes wearing freaking robes and chanclas [flip-flops]” in the Middle East.

“The data is in, we don’t have a good military,” he said. “We couldn’t beat the Vietnamese. They’re a bunch of people this freaking big throwing rice at us.”

He also criticized military recruiters in public schools.

“It’s a lie that our military is freaking b‑‑‑‑ing,” he said. “Why, after the national anthem, do we have a killing machine fly over the freaking stadium? You know, the stealth bomber comes in. Everyone’s all like, ‘Yeah.’ Like, ‘That’s what we kill people with, woo.’ Why would that be something we celebrate?”

After the videos went viral, an enormous backlash followed and as a result, Salcido has been placed on administrative leave and is under investigation by the school board.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Salcido’s behavior in the classroom has been the cause for concern:

In May 2012, he was put on paid administrative leave after the Sheriff’s Department received a complaint that he struck a student.

In July 2010, a parent complained that Salcido had threatened his daughter, made inappropriate comments to his summer school class about race and insulted other students and parents, which Salcido denied.

He was suspended until the following fall’s first day of class.

Salcido, who was first elected to the City Council in 1999, stands on the dais with his hands at his side and does not recite the pledge of allegiance along with his colleagues during meetings.

Also, today Fox News Radio played Salcido’s rant for their guest, White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, himself a veteran. After hearing it, he commented:

“Well, I think the guy ought to go to hell. I just hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyles that we fought for.”

Perhaps high school teacher Salcido will take up one parent’s offer to educate him in an area in which he is most painfully and obviously deficient:


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  1. It takes a lot to shock me these days, but this does.

    Whoa. That SOB has no business at all teaching, and especially teaching minors. I think the profanity alone is enough to warrant firing. What a demented and disgusting individual.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 1/31/2018 @ 3:41 pm

  2. Depending on how strong his union is, it’s very likely he could remain in the teaching capacity. Perhaps not at that specific school but certainly within the district. That would not be surprising. Dance of the lemons…

    Comment by Dana — 1/31/2018 @ 6:13 pm

  3. I don’t think profanity alone warrants firing a teacher.

    *Insulting a student’s parents, to his face, in front of his peers*? That’s just *wrong*.

    Comment by aphrael — 2/1/2018 @ 2:17 pm

  4. To be clear about my prior comment, I don’t think he should be fired only for the profanity, merely that even if he hadn’t done the rest (which I consider vastly worse and far more firable) swearing repeatedly and intentionally in front of minors of whom he is in charge should be enough to get him canned.

    @Dana, I hope you’re wrong but I think you’re right regarding whether he’ll be fired. I’ll also bet he gets reelected. And I very much hope I’m wrong on that.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 2/1/2018 @ 2:30 pm

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