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How to Defend George Takei Against Groping Allegations

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Et tu, Sulu? Buzzfeed reports that a man is accusing George Takei of groping him while he was passed out:

He doesn’t know how much time passed, but the next thing he remembers is waking up, his pants down around his ankles, and Takei on top of him pushing his hand down his underwear, Brunton said.

“He’s on top of me, trying with his hand down my underwear [to] pull my underwear down,” said Brunton.

Brunton said he then pushed Takei off and asked what he was doing. He said Takei told him he was trying to make him comfortable.

There’s corroboration in the form of witnesses who have heard the victim tell the story over the years:

Five of Brunton’s friends independently told BuzzFeed News that they have heard Brunton tell the story at various times over the years.

I have no love for Takei, who is a smarmy perpetrator of lazy leftist memes on Facebook and Twitter. But as a public service to soulless Sulu fans, I’ve been consulting the Defense of Roy Moore Playbook, and I have the following suggested defenses for those who want to argue that this probably never happened. Let’s start with the more obvious and pedestrian defenses:

  • 36 years ago
  • He said he said
  • It’s all hearsay
  • I bet one of the witnesses is not a perfect human being

But we can get more creative than that, can’t we?

  • Never uncovered by the Nimoy oppo research team and it’s just coming out now?
  • Whatabout James Doohan’s drinking problem?

Finally we have the David Horowitz-style defense:

  • I think it’s all true but so what? George Takei says the things I like to hear, so I don’t care if he’s a sexual predator.

If I can take off the Snarkenator 2000 for a moment and get serious: that is the approach I expect most on the left to take.

[Snarkenator 2000 back on] Good thing our new Trumpy Republican party is better than that.

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  1. I enjoy snark, and this is good snark.

    However, I’ll make a serious response to the point. If, say, Star Trek actors (and only Star Trek actors) had for decades been targeted with false news stories and accusations designed to destroy them by the mafia, in some cases aided by a fully culpable press, I think one could be excused for being unsure about the accusations against Takei if the accusations against him came via a known mouthpiece for said mafia.

    As for Moore, I’d find the accusations against him convincing if it wasn’t for the long, long history of Democrats creating fake scandals with the press as willing accomplices, plus the incredibly convenient timing. Due to this,
    I have no idea whether Moore is guilty or not.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 11/11/2017 @ 2:08 pm

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