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Pathetic Defenses Of Roy Moore Made In The Face Of Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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[guest post by Dana]

Instead of just issuing an even-handed, nuts and bolts statement of, “If the allegations prove to be true, Roy Moore must step down,” some members of the GOP are eagerly defending the Republican candidate against reported allegations of sexual misconduct, and frankly, it’s not bringing out the best in them:

Alabama state auditor, Republican Jim Zeigler, bluntly told reporters he doesn’t see anything wrong with Moore’s accused behavior.

“There is nothing to see here,” Zeigler told The Washington Examiner. “The allegations are that a man in his early 30s dated teenage girls. Even the Washington Post report says that he never had sexual intercourse with any of the girls and never attempted sexual intercourse.

While Ziegler may try to convince others that there was nothing “immoral or illegal” about a 30 year old man dating teenage girls, it should be noted that Leigh Corfman claims that she was just 14 years old when Moore allegedly took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes. He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. That is a far different animal than dating teenage girls.

Ziegler also inferred that because Moore didn’t have sexual intercourse with the girl and that it took place more than 40 years ago, the political fallout would be minimized. Further, he believes that the voters in Alabama will be angrier with the Washington Post for “desperately trying to get something negative” on Moore than they would be for “his dalliances with teenage girls decades ago”.

Ziegler then cited the Bible in an attempt to justify Moore’s alleged actions:

“Take the Bible. Zachariah and Elizabeth for instance. Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth and they became the parents of John the Baptist.” Ziegler added, “Also take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.”

Oh FFS. Really??

Along with Ziegler’s ridiculous efforts to defend Moore, Alabama Marion County GOP chair David Hall threw in his two cents worth:

“It was 40 years ago,” Hall told Daniel Dale, a reporter for the Toronto Star. “I really don’t see the relevance of it. He was 32. She was supposedly 14. She’s not saying that anything happened other than they kissed.” He added, “The other women that they’re using to corroborate: number one, one was 19, one was 17, one was 16. There’s nothing wrong with a 30-year-old single male asking a 19-year-old, a 17-year-old, or a 16-year-old out on a date.”

Again, according to Leigh Corfman’s accusation: She was 14 years old when Moore allegedly took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes. He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. When Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale pointed this out to Hall, the GOP official dismissed it:

“Well, she said he may have TRIED to. But we’re talking something that somebody SAID happened, 40 years ago. It wouldn’t affect whether or not I’d vote for him.”

There was also this from Alabama Bibb County Republican chairman Jerry Pow:

“I would vote for Judge Moore because I wouldn’t want to vote for Doug,” he says. “I’m not saying I support what he did.”

But a vote for Moore is exactly that: support for Moore.

And this:

“Yeah!” Covington County GOP Chairman William Blocker tells me he’d consider voting Moore even if hard proof of sexual abuse emerged.

“There is NO option to support to support Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee. When you do that, you are supporting the entire Democrat party.”

Finally this from Alabama Geneva County GOP chairman Riley Seibenhener, who said that “he doesn’t believe the allegations are true, but if they’re true he won’t support him – but, at the same time, it’s not “forcible rape.” Oh. Good to know. Unbelievably, he added: “I know that 14-year-olds don’t make good decisions.” If only that 14-year old girl hadn’t made the bad decision to let Moore take off her top and pants, and let him touch her over her bra and underpants, and let him lead her hand to touch his genitals over his underwear, my preferred candidate wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in! And what’s that you say about the bad, very bad decisions the adult Roy Moore made? Irrelevant!

More defenses and dismissals at the link.

As it stands, the accusations are just that until proven otherwise. None of us know yet whether they’re true or not. And certainly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this was an optimally timed, down and dirty scheme by Democrats to win an election. But, despite that, it’s pretty awful for GOP officials and local leaders to simply dismiss said accusations as irrelevant, or blame a 14-year old girl, or determine that even if the accusations are true they would still vote for Moore. Practically indefensible, you might say.



  1. I’m appalled that anyone is defending what Moore is accused of doing with that 14 year old.

    As for the 18 and 19 year olds he asked on dates, not that big a deal IMHO (I find it personally creepy as hell, but consenting adults and all that) Under 18, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. Even if it was just dinner, it’s still really, really troubling.

    But if he’s guilty of what he’s accused of with the 14 year old, he belongs in prison, not the Senate.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 11/10/2017 @ 1:25 am

  2. I meant what I said in my above comment, but I also wonder if this is a fabricated political hit. Maybe the Democrats have gotten better since they tried to shop around that Trump Dossier to the news media before the election?

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 11/10/2017 @ 1:40 am

  3. We should always listen and take accusations such as these seriously, but in the current political and social witch hunt we’re experiencing it’s down right dangerous to proclaim these accusations are prima facie evidence of wrong doing. Dana, you’re correct that the right answer to this situation is to proclaim that IF these allegations turn out to be proven correct then he should not only step down, but the case should be handed over for prosecution. However, in the same sentence we need to reiterate that an accusation, even one as serious as this, is not something we should ever use to destroy someone’s life without proof of wrong doing, no matter how much we “believe” the accuser or hate the accused.

    Comment by Sean — 11/10/2017 @ 9:35 am

  4. Over in the main thread, someone outright said this:

    > A republican child molester is better then a democrat.

    That’s the real problem, in my view: both sides have developed sufficiently self-reinforcing tribes that many people believe this sort of thing.

    How can we combat that?

    Comment by aphrael — 11/10/2017 @ 12:31 pm

  5. aphrael, exactly. We’ve never been so polarized in this country since the outbreak of the Civil War, and I don’t see us coming together anytime soon when there is too much power to achieve and money to make stoking the fires of discord.

    Comment by Sean — 11/10/2017 @ 2:15 pm

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