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New Report: Harvey Weinstein Masturbated in Front of Woman

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This is not a request for a massage, or for turn-down service. This is . . . much, much worse:

Harvey Weinstein once trapped a woman in the hallway of a restaurant that was closed to the public and masturbated in front of her until he ejaculated, she says. The accusation comes a day after Weinstein was the subject of a bombshell New York Times report that revealed that he has settled at least eight sexual harassment claims.

The incident took place a decade ago, according to Lauren Sivan, who at the time was a news anchor on a local cable channel in New York, Long Island 12. She says the experience left her shocked, and that while she told friends privately what happened, she remained quiet because she was in a long-term relationship and fearful of the power that Weinstein wielded in the media.

The details involve a potted plant:

Once they left, Sivan says Weinstein leaned in and tried to kiss her. Sivan rejected that attempt and told him she had a long-term boyfriend. Weinstein then said to Sivan, “Well, can you just stand there and shut up.”

At this point, Weinstein and Sivan were in a vestibule between the kitchen and bathrooms. The only way for Sivan to get away from Weinstein required her to get past him and go through the kitchen. Sivan says she was trapped by Weinstein’s body and was intimidated.

Weinstein then proceeded to expose himself to Sivan and began to masturbate. Sivan said she was deeply shocked by Weinstein’s behavior and was frozen and didn’t know what to do or say. The incident in the vestibule didn’t last long. Sivan says Weinstein ejaculated quickly into a potted plant that was in the vestibule and then proceeded to zip up his pants and they walked back into the kitchen.

This is the incident that will finally get those ever-so-silent lefty late-nite comedians cracking jokes!

Yeah, probably not.

Well, hey. When you “came of age in the ’60s and ’70s” and “all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different” then sometimes the culture just demands that you masturbate in front of a woman and finish in a plant. I mean, who didn’t do that in the ’70s? Or, um, a decade ago?


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  1. Oh come on, Patterico, this is perfectly normal behavior, nothing wrong with it… just ask anyone named Clinton if you don’t believe me.
    Remember, it’s not rape or harassment if they’ve got a D after their name.

    Seriously though, yeah, this guy is an utter creep and a monster. But is anyone really surprised that the media would cover for such a powerful lefty? And cover for him they did. Just like they did Bill Clinton and others.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 10/6/2017 @ 8:19 pm

  2. Wow.

    That’s … incredibly bad behavior.

    That said, I’m curious enough to want to threadjack with this question: given your general distrust of NYT reporting, why do you believe this story?

    I mean, I believe it, but I’m generally more trusting of the NYT than ya’ll.

    Comment by aphrael — 10/7/2017 @ 9:38 am

  3. Point taken, Jodi cantor when not given to hagiography, has inadvertently produced random acts of journalist, ie obamas time as a lecturer.

    Comment by narciso — 10/7/2017 @ 11:28 am

  4. Good question, aphrael. The primary source, a B actress and TV talking head, is even more questionable than the NYT; and the accusation itself is the kind that is easy to make and impossible to refute.

    Comment by nk — 10/7/2017 @ 3:56 pm

  5. One reason to believe it is that it’s the NY Times. Since it leans left, it has an incentive to vet stories that hurt liberals.

    Comment by DRJ — 10/8/2017 @ 10:54 am

  6. Think of it as an admission against interest.

    Comment by DRJ — 10/8/2017 @ 10:55 am

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