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This Is CNN: Second-By-Second Analysis Of President Trump’s Handshake With President Macron

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[guest post by Dana]

CNN spending time analyzing President Trump and President Macron’s long handshake perfectly demonstrates why Americans don’t take Big Media too seriously anymore:

The first 5 seconds
Macron gets the upper hand, literally, at the start. He also gets in a back pat. But, Trump flips the script at about the 4-second mark when he goes with the hand pat.

Second 6
The ‘tug and pull’! A Trump classic. And a preview of things to come!

Seconds 7-8
Macron seems to weather the initial tug and pull pretty well! But then — perhaps having over-compensated for the tug and pull — Macron loses his balance and sort of falls toward Trump. To his credit, Macron tires to transform it into a “I was just pointing at something” move. Kudos, sir. Or should I say, gloire.

Seconds 10-12
It’s these two seconds where this goes from a handshake to something much, much more. Macron goes for the hand pat but Trump goes totally next level going bro handshake OUT OF NOWHERE. (This SubReddit on “bro” handshakes is epic.) Or is it Macron who goes ‘bro’? I can’t tell because Macron obscures the camera shot.

And so it goes…

PS: Some may believe this was meant as a joke. I sort of did. But then I remembered it was CNN.

PPS: Style points for both First Ladies.


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