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It Is Nearly Impossible For The Self-Important To Not Reveal The Fool That Dwells Within

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[guest post by Dana]

They simply cannot resist the urge to try and be relevant. Embarrassingly, this kind of inevitable showmanship becomes just another effort to sate the voracious appetite of one’s own vanity:


From the bio of Drexel University Assistant Professor George Ciccariello-Maher, PhD:

…an expert and frequent media commentator on social movements, particularly in Latin America. His most recent book, We Created Chávez: A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolution (Duke University Press, 2013), examines social movements and revolutionary groups active before and during the era of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Ciccariello-Maher also teaches, researches and writes about race, racism, prisons and policing in the U.S. and internationally, including how race is associated with suspicion and guilt. He has been a media commentator for such outlets as The New York Times, Al Jazeera, CNN Español, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the Christian Science Monitor, and his opinion pieces have run in the New York Times’ “Room for Debate,” The Nation, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Fox News Latino. He previously taught political theory at U.C. Berkeley, San Quentin State Prison and the Venezuelan School of Planning in Caracas.

Perhaps you might remember Ciccariello-Maher as the “white genocide” tweeter last Christmas Eve. This when he tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”. Drexell University gave him a little slap on the wrist as a result.

Anyway, Ciccariello-Maher seems like the type who would be happy to know he has made waves with his latest display of ignorance insightfulness. Happy about that, and no doubt smugly happy that he receives a cushy salary without ever having to hike up a hill carrying 60 lbs. or more on his back.

As the parent of a soldier who is readying for a second deployment, you might think I would be offended by Ciccariello-Maher’s tweet. But I’m not. He is nothing to me. Just another big mouth on the internet who has proven that he is not worth my time or energy to get to know. These cats are a dime a dozen. But one purpose Ciccariello-Maher’s existence does serve, is to remind people like me that doing something honorable and something of real importance is not for the faint of heart, nor for the self-consumed, and certainly not for those brave enough to mouth off on Twitter but too afraid to speak in a mature and direct manner to a soldier when the opportunity presents itself. I suspect it may have been a teachable moment for the professor.



  1. How funny, a professor uninterested in learning.

    Comment by Dana — 3/29/2017 @ 5:08 pm

  2. God bless your soldier and family, and thank you all.

    Comment by DRJ — 3/29/2017 @ 5:08 pm

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