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Flynn Resigns

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I guess he didn’t have Trump’s full confidence after all.

This is the only reasonable decision, after he was caught lying to Pence. It’s surprising it took this long. But then, Trump doesn’t like admitting mistakes. Glad he finally is, on this one.

UPDATE: This was just today:


  1. Ding.

    Comment by Patterico — 2/13/2017 @ 8:11 pm

  2. I saw no harm in the initially reported conversations between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador in late December (so long as it only touched on what the incoming administration might do), but if he’s been lying to Pence and/or Trump, good riddance. No administration should tolerate being lied to by its staff.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 2/13/2017 @ 8:27 pm

  3. ” But then, Trump doesn’t like admitting mistakes.” – Patterico

    Who does? Even if he isn’t willing to come out and say so, the fact he was willing to “clarify” (retract, potato, potahto?) the green card issue, or “accept” (require) this guy’s resignation matters more to me. It’s evidence that, despite the ego, he is not entirely detached from reality, as so many insist. He is willing to change course, at least on ocassion.

    Would I prefer someone who was more careful, without being so careful as to be unwilling to make decisions or act on them? Yup. Would I prefer someone who was more up front about admitting mistakes, and quicker to correct them? Yup and yup. Does the press know how to treat the admission of a mistake as a blanket failure, and are they selectively willing to employ this tactic, and have they been doing so for years and years? Yup, yup, and yup.

    I’m trying to keep two score cards in my head. The first tallies the things I’d like to see, and no, Trump isn’t scoring all that high. The second tracks the difference between Trump’s behavior and that of his opponents in politics and in the press. Sometimes you just have to grade on a curve, or everyone is going to get an F.

    I’m still a little suprised to find Trump more willing, OK, less unwilling, to admit mistakes than his enemies, on the whole. Between Trump and Hillary I tended to see this election as just one big rolling disappointment. Maybe it’s just the expectations game, but this administration has, grading on that curve, disappointed me far less (e.g. Gorsuch) than I’d prepared myself for. Just trying to give credit where credit is due.

    Comment by Quibus Vigilius — 2/13/2017 @ 10:27 pm

  4. Last Friday the president said he wasn’t aware of the report regarding Flynn. Seriously? Guess he forgot to remember.

    Comment by Martha — 2/14/2017 @ 6:02 am

  5. Quibus,

    I think that is possible and, if so, that is a reason to be hopeful. But it’s also possible that Trump is succumbing to political pressure because of leaks that make him look bad. His goal now is to stop all leaks and thus prevent bad stories from coming out. There is some evidence that is happening and it is not a reason to be hopeful.

    Comment by DRJ — 2/14/2017 @ 7:35 am

  6. My guess as with the dodgy dossier he didn’t see much to it,

    Comment by narciso — 2/14/2017 @ 9:04 am

  7. Is there anything that violates his standards, other than people who oppose him?

    Comment by DRJ — 2/14/2017 @ 9:33 am

  8. His personal standards, other than being rich and powerful.

    He was fine with undocumented workers when he built Trump Tower. Taxes and business are deals to him. Women are desirable (or undesirable) objects. His business interests aren’t focused on Making America Great but making Trump great. That’s fine but it’s not a sign he has strong values or principles that matter more than money.

    Comment by DRJ — 2/14/2017 @ 9:59 am

  9. What’s encouraging to me is that Trump is delegating more and more authority to Pence. He wouldn’t have been my first pick but my standards have changed dramatically since Trump won.

    Comment by DRJ — 2/14/2017 @ 10:02 am

  10. On the one hand, I’m glad to see Flynn gone; as I described him on Facebook, he’s a monger of conspiracy theories, and NSC chief is a dangerous place for such mongers.

    On the other hand, it really looks like he’s gone because the story leaked, rather than because the administration was concerned about the security risk DoJ said he represented.

    That’s disturbing, if true.

    Comment by aphrael — 2/14/2017 @ 10:56 am

  11. I remain concerned about what appears to be orchestrated campaigns to undermine Trump and Flynn by intelligence community leakers. Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, that’s as corrupting of our governmental institutions as Koskinan’s condoning and covering up IRS political persecution.

    Comment by SPQR — 2/14/2017 @ 4:01 pm

  12. Yes like blaming an Al queda attack on a little known video, there is no story, but we’ve solved all our other problems, intelligence so called was focused on this, and not up to date targeting info on Al rimi (we haven’t hear the last if him)

    Comment by narciso — 2/14/2017 @ 4:06 pm

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