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Does a picture tell 1,000 lies?

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God knows that the intersection of Olympic and Bundy in West LA is a nightmare for drivers during the evening commute.  There are lots of reasons to think that maybe a major new hospital complex at that location is not a good idea.  Since I drive past that point every day, I can understand the opposition. 

But there is no excuse for the enormous lie that graces the cover of the mass mailer that went out today:

Anyone looking at this flyer would think that this huge campus was being dropped into the middle of a residential district, surrounded by a sea of houses with swimming pools and, no doubt, small children and pets who would all be at risk.

In fact it is a run-down commercial/light industrial area with a number of vacant and/or foreclosed properties, and no houses for quite some ways.

The REAL Olympic & Bundy

Shame on the “Fight Bundy Village” folks. As Congressman Weiner demonstrated, lies never help, especially when the truth will serve as well.

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