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Oh sure, NOW you come back

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Apparently – so I have been told – there has been a bit of a too-do in Wisconsin, what with every single State Senator with a “D” after their name fleeing for part unknown for over 3 week because they don’t want their biggest contributors to lose any amount of power.

We will, for the moment, continue to ignore how it is possible that the news stories haven’t carried titles like “Worthless Elected Officials Run Like Bitches” and “Why Won’t Those Shits Come Do Their Fucking Job?”.  Instead, we will focus on more current events.  Events like the State Senate deciding ‘eh, fuck it‘ and deciding that, since the only time they require a quorum to vote on a bill is when it is fiscal in nature (which I am told has a very specific meaning in Wisconsin), they would simply separate from the bill all the stuff dealing with the unions, make it it’s own bill, and vote on that.

So they did a little conference with the State Assembly, and then in a floor session lasting mere minutes, voted on and passed it.

Without a single damned Democrat in the room, and if there were Democrat State Senators in the state, it was only on the highways as they sped back to Madison.

Or maybe there decided that they would hang out a little bit longer and take further advantage of that “Stay 10 days, get a free night’s stay” deal.  I say that because, with the State Assembly set to vote Thursday morning on the measure, they still won’t say when they plan on coming back.

Senate Democratic leader Mark Miller of Monona says Democrats will “join the people of Wisconsin in taking back their government,” but he refused to say when.

Here’s a little bit for friendly advice for State Senator Miller: When you flee the state to prevent a vote on something – and thus flying in the face of everything the word “democracy” stands for – you don’t get to pledge to “come take back the government”.  You pretty much proved that you are unfit for any sort of office, and probably shouldn’t even be allowed to vote in elections in the first place.


  1. Now they are threatening to go to court with the claim that not all the “fiscal” parts were stripped from the bill. Of course, to do that they would have to show up and the Senate could then pass the original bill.

    Comment by Sabba Hillel — 3/10/2011 @ 7:06 am

  2. Lessee. In the last election, the Republicans gained 4 Senate seats (out of 17), 15 Assembly seats (our of 99), the Governor, a US Senator, and all statewide offices save SecState. Both houses of the Legislature swung Republican.

    I’d say the voters of Wisconsin already “took their government back” at the ballot box. Are the Democrats planning to do so by other means?

    Comment by Kevin M — 3/10/2011 @ 7:11 am

  3. Of course, to do that they would have to show up and the Senate could then pass the original bill.

    No they wouldn’t. Some Democrat member of the Assembly could challenge it in court.

    But due to the definition of the word “fiscal” in that state, I don’t think there’s any chance even a moderately honest judge would NOT toss the case out.

    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 3/10/2011 @ 11:59 am

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